The Case for More Words

…more words and less pictures

I had recently been on a Summer Holiday with my family. My wife and two young boys, three and one and a half respectively, along with myself boarded a mid-Thursday flight from Los Angeles out to New York for a couple of weddings and relaxation. Fight was good, kids slept; done.

During the flight I was trying to catch up on some reading, I had recently begun the popular novel The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, and was quickly becoming enthralled by the prospect of sitting in a well . I love traveling and flying really pleases me; the fact that people will leave you alone. If you have a book out and are reading, then there is a good chance the person next to you will give you some space. On this particular trip my flight-mates were my family, but on my many business trips the isolation is key.

To much of our world now is consumed by sharing ourselves with each other. Social Media and technology almost requires that you are one; one with all. We now know what, and where, and with whom that girl you sat behind in third period Chemistry class in High School is eating or whether or not your co-worker is pro-choice or pro-life, but we don’t know whether or not they are truly happy; or worse sad.

So many of these Social Media Rants that have propping up recently, on Facebook and the like, with a political or spiritual tone have me wondering if Social Media is separating us more than bringing us closer together. It is slowly classifying us into sub, and even more subbed, sub-categories and genres of ourselves. Excluding ourselves from the whole and individualizing us into a single way; a single life.

Almost like sitting in a well, in complete darkness, with nothing but our own thoughts and dreams and ideas and fears.

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