How to set up multiple schemes & configurations in Xcode for your React Native iOS app
Alek Hurst

Hey Alek, thanks for the article. I’m in the exact same boat as you. We’re building out an MVP app for a client using React Native and I’m a JS guy. As I’m sure you know, and you’re article pointed to it, setting up and getting the builds configured has been a real fucking blast.

One question though — I quickly skimmed over your article and it’s very similar to what we’ve been doing (after lots of reading on Stack Overflow articles). The only thing that we’re starting to do differently is trying to follow a “12 factor” config approach with the app: There is even a React Native plugin that is trying to fill in these gaps:

The bottom line is that the API keys that you’re referencing shouldn’t be in the source code — it should be in an .env file that isn’t part of the repo. I’d love to see your article address this as this is something we are currently trying to tackle on our side (hence why I came across your article). If you’d ever be interested in doing a screenshare, let me know. Feel free to shoot me an email.

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