A Guide to Buying Property Bali

(Image: Seven Stones Indonesia)

This provides tips on how you can purchase property Bali without mistakes. Buying a property is one of the biggest decision people do in a lifetime. Some are scary to face the fact that the process will be a stressful moment. Why is that so? Here is a guide to Bali property to buy so that you can take control your first home-buying with time, care, and good research.

Property hunting can be exciting for the first time while the myth of regretful mistake about wrong buying keep haunting the inexperienced buyers. The primary concern might be about how to avoid the financial loss instead of what kind of house it will be. As you determine your budget carefully just keep in your mind that this is alike to other financial decisions you need to make. Relax and take your calculator with you.

When you have the best calculation to define your budget, the next step you need to consider is the cash reserve with you. At least you must have the minimum number of 20% for the down-payment of property sale Bali to get rid of the requirement to buy mortgage private insurance. This excludes the closing cost might arise with the amount of 3%, depends on the financing company policy. Just ponder about it before you decide to take the next step.

On the other hands, you also need to ensure that you will be having enough money left over to make several necessary improvements to your property Bali house. To be added, renewing the decoration, stuff moving, and of course cost for maintenance in the next days after you buy the house are the expense you have to consider. Do not be tempted to use your emergency savings. Never think to buy new types of furniture with that money too.

The Kind of Property to Buy

People say the price speaks the quality. In Bali, you might be surprised that Bali property price is not something like that. Another step you need to think is the house’s feature which must-haves and nice-haves. If a perfect house found within your budget, you are indeed the lucky buyer! What comes to your mind when talking about a new house to buy?

Is it the quantity of bedroom or bathroom? What about the amount of outdoor space of a house? Your spouse may be interested in the garden or beautiful veranda. And your kids maybe keep talking about a new house which has a swimming pool or many trees they can climb. Or you would better choose Bali property villa. As you consider all of this, do not forget to determine the proximity to work and other important places you frequent like schools. Your preference defines the kind of property Bali you need to buy.