How she will figure out everything?

This is the story of a girl named Mira.

She is an obedient girl, her parents loved and always guided by some amazing piece of advice.

When Mira was in class 4, her mom told that if she studies really hard she will get that Mario game. So she did..

When she was in 10, her tutor told if she studies really hard, she can gift her parents a BMW. So she did..

When she was in 12, some guy called Mark invented a thing called Facebook, where people of all ages tell her she can be whatever she wants to be in her life. So she did..

Then when she was at graduation, her friends were discussing how studying is such a waste of everything, and how experience makes overshadow the degree.So, let’s start working in a BPO, then we can have beers and come with a bonus of being an independent lady.

And when she finally graduated, while holding that degree, she felt listening to all of them was not a good idea.

So, she turned up on the Internet and read numerous blog about passion, love what you do, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates where they all gave her mantras to be successful in life.

Now, she knows what she wants, she thought she figured all out.

But, still she haven’t able to reach the peak of success which she always imagined.

So, now you tell me a person who has been listening advice and quotes from past 24 years, How the hell she can figure it out all by herself?

This is a story of an obedient child who listen to everyone except her heart.