Lump in my throat.

My phone beeped it was 24th message from my close friend who stays in Australia. I glanced over it while sipping my coffee and thought about last night’s nightmare.

I moved my legs to walk down from the cafeteria and lump started building up again. It is the same lump, which is always there when I give my final exams, when my father’s platelets goes down or whenever I think of my grandma. (She is really sick and on her bed)

I tried really hard to avoid this lump, by thinking it is just a phase. Indeed, this is a phase which has turned into a permanent uninvited member of my body.

I thought dating someone, going on walks, living with my parents, fighting with my sibling, meeting a childhood friend will end this Lump. But, nothing did!

I tried self love and mindfulness lessons too, but the effect was temporary. I have to remind myself every day that, it is a just a phase and it will go.

The Lump comes with a feeling of Loneliness through my heart. My mind tells me that it is the most common thing every twenty something is feeling every day. So I should just chill.

Lump has to say a lot, according to Google. The internet says that these are the factors of causing loneliness:

  • We have grown up with a goal of getting married at the age of 30.
  • We are in not-so-good relationship with others, as we think this the best we can get. Also, after college the social circle shrinks from circle to point.
  • We may be not so confident about yourself somewhere, that is why we are seeking approval from others.
  • We may think that as we have spent so much time being alone, we need to be like this rest of our life.

  • Society judges you if you are single for a long time.

But, then what about people who are in relationship? Like we know they also feel lonely too. What does Internet says about them? Sadly, there are no answers!

This makes a thing clear that loneliness does come out from your indivudualness. Nobody can make you feel lonely. It is the feeling you get it for yourself.

What we can do about it? The Internet says

  • Volunteer
  • Pet adoption
  • Being grateful
  • Hobby
  • Join a club!
  • Meet new people
  • Read
  • Watch movies
  • Go crazy!
  • Try new things

If you have any other easy way out, please share it with everyone.

“ Because Loneliness too kills!”