I can abstractly understand “marketing” to mean “discovery” — which isn’t far off from conventional language.
My take on blockchain name registries
Vlad Zamfir

Names are necessary for humans to do discovery without the help of discovery services. If you add discovery services (search engines) to the mix you get a better picture of the marketplace economics. If there are enough top level domains to allow for registration of similar names a squatter would have to lock up much more value to speculate on a name. Assuming lots of top level domains the ecosystem would need to rely on discovery services, which leads to SEO and other marketing tactics to surface the links and a richer economy for competition.

I think part of the solution is to seed the TLDs to 3 or 4 characters, and don’t auction them off but keep them as part of the registry infrastructure. Auction off the remaining name-space and then let the marketplace of discovery services provide the meta translation from intent to name.

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