I have been procrastinating! 😞

Back in November 2016, I published Are we Humans or Machines, and why we need meetings on LinkedIn; at the time I outlined five more blog posts to write over the following five months. Here we are two years later, and I haven’t written any of them!

What was that next blog post I was going to write? Well surprise, surprise it was on procrastination.

I had watched this video from Tim Urban on the Panic Monster and how it gets a lot of work done, but there is a problem, and this is an example, I had no deadline for these blog posts. So the panic monster never arrived.

The Change from Goals to Habits

In that time since I have had plenty of other things to take up my time, from work to my new Scouting role as District Commissioner for Willesden, but I have been listening to audiobooks on my commute to work.

Several of these are starting to show that our old method of goal setting is not the best way of achieving things. Instead, we need to create a habit that will make us do things.

Take a look at these books:

  • The Achievement Habit, Bernard Roth
  • Atomic Habits, James Clear

I’m now going to get into the habit of posting a blog post every week. No matter how short or long it is — it is about the regularity that will lead to better posts, not setting a goal.

So what will I be posting about?

Here are the topics of the blog posts I have planned:

  • Work & Sleep
  • Grit & Homework
  • The Creativity of Code
  • Music & Productivity