Podcast — Who Destroyed Ukraine?
Matthew Gault

I’ll listen — but everyone can work out the answer for themselves. The ATO (attack on civilians in the region) started before the regions declared independence. 
The OSCE has been asked dozens of times who is the prime cause of recurrent fighting and they give a little grin and a nod and claim they can’t say. The Western press writes up the rebels as the prime cause — yet there an numerous examples of youtube videos showing OSCE members actually in places being bombarded by Kiev and these incidents are not recorded as attacks by OSCE. So we know that the OSCE are hiding something.

Kiev constantly blames the rebels, but 90% of everything Kiev has claimed to date has been proven false. 
The US had conclusive proof in hi quality satellite detail of Russian troops in… … Syria. In Ukraine -we are still waiting for evidence. The western press typically say on their many visits to E Ukraine — “I saw no Russian troops but everyone knows they are here” (hint if you want to find soldiers, ask the local prostitutes — war hasn’t changed for thousands of years).

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