I was perched on a stool in the coffee shop window I was staring out at the rain as it danced on the pavement,it splashed back up from the ground as the storm intensified it became all the more vicious. My mind drifted to the storms in our life and wondered how we have come through so many .What was our driving force I asked myself what makes us keep on going when many times we just want to give up . I know who strengthens me to continue His name is Jesus .I have listened at long lengths to people’s stories and wondered how have they come through so much without the Lord When the fact is it’s no coincidence we go through things and often its the love of God flowing through us to reach out to souls .God will not let anything go to waste He uses every aspect of our life . Nothing happens by coincicidence everything is a divine set up.Next time your in maybe a coffee shop remember it’s no accident your there at that divine time God as a plan follow Him in Jesus name