Eng 201 — Blog Review #4: Media Midgets by R.A. The Rugged Man

So for this review it’s on Media Midgets by R.A. The Rugged Man. This is a really good video about influence in society. R.A. talks a lot about intimidation, fear tactics, puppets, and other similar methods. It does reflect society, in that people tend to believe whatever they hear and whatever they want to hear, especially from media sources. Here’s an example when Obama was president. It may or may not be a rumor; I do not know the full story, but I believe Obama told the US to send soldiers to an Arab country, which has a history of murders and bombings of innocent victims, whether they are adults, teenagers, children, or even babies. Why are the US doing this? What I’ve heard is that the reason is simply because they were illegal immigrants or something like that. Well hey, what if the reason these people kept immigrating is because their home country is dangerous to live in? If they go back, it is very possible they could die in a meaningless death. This is really a combination of propaganda, intimidation, and fear tactics on people who are really good as “puppets.”

I would say that I would agree with R.A. when he mentions the part about mind control. People who want to do something, like fame, would do anything to get there. For example, in pop culture, there’s a lot of things that popular. There’s a lot of things being repeated in mainstream rap; things that are materialistic in value. It is no surprise we have a lot of things that objectifies women, like perfume ads. It is no surprise that people would have a tendency to do anything without a thought when it comes to money, as well as wanting to be famous because they think they’ll get a lot of money.

They are liable to trust somebody too much without putting much thought into it, such as the ice bucket challenge. Again, people kinda look pathetic when they applaud someone for doing the challenge for say, the person will donate to the Red Cross. Uh, maybe you should just do that after you donate the money. Or, maybe you should just donate the money and not have to walk to the shower while suddenly freezing to death or something. Another example is maybe someone’s a famous female singer. There could be a situation where the manager might be forcing the singer to have sex with him so that the manager doesn’t take away her status as a singer. That is simply blackmail people, a result of too much trust in a stranger with a position of authority. R.A. really brings up a lot of good points in the video that there’s a lot of bad influence everywhere in society, including pop culture.

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