Commute blogging

I’ve tried starting a blog at least four times in the last ten years. First as a Movable Type self-hosted blog, then with Textpattern, next on Wordpress and most recently on Tumblr. None of them became habits. (And to think Jason Kottke is still chugging along in his 17th year!)

I’ve never been short of ideas — just the discipline in actually forming them into coherent, well-written thought. But last year Marc Andreessen popularized tweetstorming and for the first time, I’ve been able to consistently share thoughts greater than 140 characters.

That said, I still want to write longer and more fulfilling content. So I’m going to take advantage of Medium’s new mobile publishing interface and make use of something I’m stuck doing twice a day most days: commuting.

So expect more of my thoughts on Bitcoin, Apple, Uber, Slack and anything else that’s on my mind here— in commute-sized chunks.