Things I am interested in, December 2017

DISCLAIMER: none of this is an endorsement of the views contained in each linked item. This piece is also not associated with my employer Coinbase. Finally, none of this is investment advice.

The last time I posted something like this, I ended up meeting some new people who had similar interests. So I thought it would be worth trying again — especially since I’m taking a break from Twitter through at least the end of the year.

  • What’s “the next Ethereum”? Is it Tezos, Polka Dot, DFINITY or something else? Or is Ethereum with scaling improvements the next Ethereum? Put another way: what’s the cryptocurrency technology that exists right now but doesn’t have a lot of people talking about it? Feels like everything happening in crypto is under a spotlight.
  • Decentralized storage networks and more broadly algorithmic markets (compute, storage, bandwidth, information, micro-work).
  • Collectible assets on Ethereum, e.g. CryptoKitties and ERC-721
  • Related to algorithmic markets, will there be an ASIC-fixation of other computing hardware to gain economic advantages for each part of the computing stack? Who is going to be the Bitmain of decentralized storage protocols and will it be driven by proprietary hardware? How does this affect traditional manufacturers of storage technology?
  • Why isn’t there an iMessage of email? Backward compatible with normal email (a la SMS) but if both addresses are using the improved client/protocol (i.e. blue bubbles vs. green bubbles) they get extra features — automatic end-to-end encryption, ability to schedule, deleting messages, no spam, etc.
  • Google’s G Suite automation (dynamically linked databases, spreadsheets and presentations) is quietly making huge advances. I wonder how this will impact the employment numbers of professional services industries like management consulting, i.e. what used to take a team of 5–7 consultants now can be done with 2.