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What is design thinking?

In recent years, mainly graphic design, but also many creative professions have turned to innovative methods to offer the customer a better experience with the products and services they provide. One of the most common practices is design thinking.

Design thinking is the process through which — as mentioned above — we try to discover the customer who is interested in your product or service.

We learn:

· To listen
· To observe
· To understand

…what customers look for and how they are looking for it, so that we can improve our product or service…

A brand is a personality that has a voice and characteristics that differentiate it from the competition. It is made to serve specific needs.

We must do extensive research before we start designing a brand.

We must learn what kind of brand it is, its values, who its target audience is. This is the necessary information we must know, to proceed to the brand’s design.

If we want to understand the brand better, we can compare it to a person. People have names, voices, features, and statuses that give each a specific identity. Everyone is different.

But let’s talk about…

A vintage mind

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