Google APIs provide a wide range of tools to retrieve valuable information from Google’s services including Drive, Maps, YouTube or Gmail, and of course from two of the most useful tools from an SEO point of view: Search Console and Analytics. Given the overwhelming amount of them sometimes is not easy as a user to even find the one you need for the job and the documentation may not be as straightforward as others. According to that APIs list, Analytics has apparently 8 different APIs, 7 of which turn out being endpoints of the same API. …

There’s no other way to begin this blog other than opening myself with you. It is important since I’d like to take you through the experience that I had, which ultimately led to imagining how the near-future of the web looks.

I usually like to divide my life between 3 stages; pre-internet, rocking the internet, and the last (and current) feels like a payback to the internet (I guess that over the years, I’ve released so many user-unfair websites/products that I think I owe them). I suppose that like almost all of my contemporary internet colleagues, I ended up working…


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