My heart beats faster as I think about the overwhelming magnitude of this crazy, unexplainable, uncontrollable force that radiates throughout every inch of my body. This feeling cannot be denied. It’s the truest, purest form, we as humans are physically capable of expressing as an outward emotion. It comes without thought, without concern or without fear. It’s just there, waiting to be consumed. Waiting to be bestowed on another. It’s at our finger tips and yet we stall. We stall to second guess ourselves, to over analyze the situation or predict every possible outcome from it’s delivery. It’s the nature of our being to doubt it or feel that we don’t deserve it. Maybe it’s too soon. Or maybe, we are too engulfed to see what is real. Who knows? But the feeling is there, why not take it and just see where it goes? Life is about living, and feeling and taking chances. Live for yourself, love who you are and leap when you get the chance. Otherwise, what are we here for?

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