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Day 1: Live Mindful

Hey! Welcome to the 7 Days of Wellness. These are a series of posts designed to be quick and easy wellness exercises to help you while studying for finals. This ranges from tips to help you manage your time or improve your relationships, or getting much more sleep at night.

I hope these exercises will give you a good intro to prioritizing personal wellness. In the middle of classes, social life, and jobs, it can be easy to forget about caring for ourselves. Prioritizing ourselves should always be our number one priority.

Today, I want to give you guys a quick intro to mindfulness. …

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And the toolkit that continues to drive me.

“So what seems to be the problem?” She sat across the room from me. I’d only ever seen counseling clinics in TV and movies. I expected to be lying on a long, leather couch, as an old guy in glasses spoke strange things in my ear.

Her office was quite cozy, actually. I took a seat and faced my therapist.

“I’ve been feeling a little…off.” That was a lie. I was a trainwreck. But I wasn’t about to tell that to a total stranger.

“For how long?”

I hesitated. Her eyes never left my gaze, no matter how much I tried to avoid them. A notebook sat across her lap, a pen twirling between her fingertips. …


Daniel Autry

Designing mental health technology for college students

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