During this phase, our main focus was to refine our prototype #3 (digital app) and to make it clickable for testing. The outputs of this sprint were: refined personas, a refined transition journey, a survey, and a clickable prototype. We also decided on the name “Ons ZorgTeam” for this prototype. We think the name addresses the extended family as well as the care professionals that are involved, and the possesive pronoun “Ons” speaks of owning your progress, about empowering families to take the lead in the care of their children. …

During this Sprint we worked more on gathering new data to improve our solution for the target problem. This was possible thanks to the continued desk research and the first interviews that we conducted with professionals of the health sector that were specifically related to the care coordination of children with chronic illness.

Research Methods

  • Desk research
  • Interview with different professionals
  • Translate section
  • Sprint Review

Outcomes of this Sprint

  • New features for the Prototype 3 (digital app)
  • New data to refine personas and transition journey
  • The first draft of co-creation section


In this Sprint we focused on reaching parents to use prototype 2, and also we…


We are a team of five Digital Transformation Trainees of the Digital Society School (DSS) and are currently working in the Design Across Cultures Track (spring 2020). DSS partnered up with the Emma Children’s Hospital who is going to build Het Jeroen Pit Huis (https://hetjeroenpithuis.nl/). The care concept of Het Jeroen Pit Huis is going to focus on improving the transition from hospital to home for families of children with medical complexity. Our role is to design a digital tool to contribute to this goal.

Problem Complexity

For parents and families of children with medical complexities (CMC), the discharge process and transition…

During this sprint, our initial concept was an app, which is connected to a physical product, similar to a smart lamp. This product can be placed at the hospital and the Jeroen Pit Huis.

We developed a transition journey for JPH after which we created various personas to find out how different stakeholders could interact with our prototype and on which pain points we could intervene.

Sprint goal

Our sprint goals were to apply our card game (prototype)for research purposes to obtain new insights for proposing a draft for a digital tool. We decided to look for people to interview that could…

During this Discovery Phase, we created a ‘Card Game’ and a ‘Survey Poster’ as our first two prototypes that are mainly for research purposes. By involving both parents and hospital staff in these prototypes we hoped to spark conversations among them to collect insights. We also had chances to meet several stakeholders of the project to gain knowledge on the topic from their perspectives and to build rapport with them.

Fact Sheet

Research & Brainstorming Methods:

  • Meeting (Client) Ph.D. Researcher of Amsterdam UMC Hospital, Head of Intensive Care Unit of Emma Children’s Hospital
  • Participation Observation at Emma Children’s Hospital
  • Short Interview with Parents
  • Desk Research
  • Design…

Design Across Culture - Digital Society School

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