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In the near future, automation will play a much larger part of our daily lives. This new autonomous infrastructure will be integrated into our cities, not just streamlining our access to goods and services, but opening up completely new business opportunities.

Join DXLab, an innovation consulting company of designers, engineers, futurists, and entrepreneurs who help businesses discover and prototype new business ideas. You can see our ideas in Precision Hawk (raised 29M), Forward (raised 60M), Local Motion (acquired by Zipcar), Eatsa (raised 30M), and Lowe’s Vision (featured at Google IO).

Together we will discuss and explore some of the implications of automation with leading experts in Silicon Valley. Then, roll up your sleeves as the DXLab team takes you through a Futurecasting, a narrative-driven workshop that builds a vision of the future. It’s facilitated by leading product and conceptual designers, writers, and engineers.

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We envision, design, and build moonshots. Exploring how technology affects our society through sci fi @dxfutures.

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