My Stay-At-Home Top 10 Purchases For a Healthy 2020

Dyana Goldman
5 min readAug 13, 2020

My 2020 spending history will look a lot different from last year. Prior to the shutdown, I spent the majority of my money on travel and going out to eat. With the shutdown and now, the continuation of this pandemic, I have been able to divert my money to products that are helping me feel good in this crazy time. I’ve avoided the quarantine-15 and instead, focused on my health with my stay-at-home-10 (in no particular order).

#10: The Infinity Blanket by Yassa

I wish I looked this put-together while on my couch.

I love a product that is more than it seems. The Infinity Blanket is soft, big enough for two, and matches with our gray-everything apartment. As my fellow Jews say, Dayneu, (that would have been enough), but wait, there’s more. This blanket uses a fiber technology that was actually clinically determined to increase energy, endurance, performance, and recovery. It pairs perfectly with my post-workout Selling Sunset binge.

#9 Justin’s Dark Chocolate Crispy Peanut Butter Cups

These are the perfect weeknight dessert

I’ve never been someone to keep treats in the house because I have zero self-control. However, there’s something magical about Justin’s Dark Chocolate Crispy Peanut Butter Cups. The package contains two cups and the dark chocolate PB combo mixed with the crunchy quinoa is actually really filling. And, since it’s dark chocolate, I’m counting it as a health food.

#8 Char-Broil Grill2Go

Fall goals: learn to grill

Healthy cooking is so easy with a grill and requires minimal oil or other cooking fats. This is the ideal BBQ for two. I’ve enjoyed marinating veggies and chicken before passing them on to my fiance to cook up because I have no clue how to use it. But, word is, it’s pretty easy.

# 7 Ancient Nutrition SBO Probiotics

Good gut = good day

Nothing about this year is regular, except, thanks to these probiotics, my bowels. (TMI? Whatever, everybody poops.) I love that you have to only take these once a day, and unlike other probiotics, they are shelf-stable. The pills also support a healthy immune system which we could all use right now.

# 6 Health House At-Home

The Health House Crew

It’s pretty obvious my obsession with Health House and their at-home workouts. The trainers are my imaginary friends, the workouts have transformed my once invisible abs, and your bank account won’t disappear with the low price of only $19.99 a month!

# 5 Omigo’s Element+ Bidet Attachment

It’s my way or the bidet.

My only regret in getting this bidet is that I didn’t get it sooner, at the height of the TP-crisis. This again became a project for the fiance, so I can’t speak to the installation (yet I did see some flooding…). Now that it’s up and running, the bidet is a great addition to our lives. Less TP needed is cost-efficient, and I love how clean my bum feels after using it! In case you’re wondering, I sit, not stand while using the bidet.

# 4 My Bernedoodle Chester

This was May. This mini is now double the size.

I tried to do the noble thing and foster or adopt a dog at the beginning of this pandemic, but the shelters were overwhelmed and it was actually very difficult to get a response. But, full disclosure, I love doodle-mixes and have wanted one for a while, and yes, I purchased my pup. He’s super goofy, a total spaz, and fits right in with my fiance and I. Chester has brought us endless joy and we got him from Timber Creek Doodles, where Jessi, the owner, was as nice and helpful as can be. I mean, JoJo Siwa got a dog from them (full-disclosure, not really sure who she is), so you know they’re legit.

#3 Sun Shelter Pop-Up Tent

Clearly I don’t know how to size images…

One of the few activities that feel safe is going to the beach, so in true summer fashion, I’ve gone many times and have burned my body in all places imaginable. This tent was one of those pop-up ads that really hit its target. Creepy, but effective. I can now protect my skin with this light-as-can-be pop-up tent. It’s easier than lugging a lounge chair and more efficient than my haphazard sunscreen application.

# 2 Potency No. 710 Shaded Mineral Sunscreen

This feels so nice, I’d put it on my face even on an indoor day

Speaking of sun care, my face is the only area I haven’t burnt to a crisp. The reason why: this two-for-one product, Potency No. 710 Shaded sunscreen. It protects my skin and gives me an even complexion. It also feels so good on your skin, it’s like rubbing your face against a baby’s butt…I’d imagine. This also helps hydrate dry skin and unlike other mineral sunscreens which are often uncomfortably thick, this one is light and airy.

#1 Shaz & Kiks Ayurvedic Hair Prewash

Obsessed with that tingly feeling…

Another benefit of having nowhere to go is that you can certainly spend 20 minutes sitting around letting this hair mask do its thing. Shaz & Kiks has several formulas that work best for different hair types (I use the dry, frizzy or curly one) and this product gave my hair the refresh it needed. It felt tingly and refreshing as it sat on my dry hair, and then after washing it out, my hair definitely felt silkier than before.