Tre Cime Hike

Dyana Weissman
Feb 21, 2015 · 3 min read

Our second hike in the Dolomites was slightly more challenging. We started from Rifugio Auronzo, hiking past Rifugio Lavaredo and Rifugio Locatelli-Innerkofler, then circling around the west of Tre Cime and back to our starting point.

Rifugio Auronzo. Behind it, Cime Ovest.

It was a cloudy day. We started at 2,333 m/7654 ft above sea level. Sometimes there were breaks in the clouds, and one could see the valley below or Tre Cime above, but for the most part, it was gloomy. This did not take away from the mountains’ magnificence.

Rifugio Lavaredo

Joe likes to go off the beaten path, so we opted to take a narrower trail that went a little higher, parallel to the main trail. It felt treacherous, winding through the scree and peppered with questionable-looking bridges. The wrong step would send you sliding down the mountain. But likely, we’d end up with just a few scrapes. Not enough to make us turn back.

The view of the two paths from Locatelli-Innerkofler, Tre Cime obscured by clouds on the right.

The path winded past a small cave. The area was the front line between Austrian and Italian forces during WWI. It was very likely the cave had been used as a fortification.

Towards the end of the hike, we came upon a field of cairns. I added my own to the crowd.

During dinner at the rifugio (which was strangely, the best meal of the trip so far), the clouds parted slightly to tease us with what must have been a majestic sunset.

The hike took roughly 4 hours, including our lunch break. I’m not sure how much elevation we gained/lost going up and down, but overall it was an easy/moderate hike.

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