I sent this script to Marilyn Manson.
Daniel Ralston

Why would Marilyn Manson reply to such an outrageous and obviously fake story? Don’t you think he might have better things to do than repeatedly answer to ignorant, judgmental, uneducated cynic. I do have some advice for you however. Maybe you should learn about your subject a little more and read Manson’s early autobiography, “Long Hard Road Out of Hell.” He states in a very honest and matter-of-fact way that after rumors started to spread about his rib-removal surgery, he actually researched the subject and guess what he learned? That particular surgery can NOT be performed successfully…if it was possible, Marilyn Manson would definitely have had his ribs removed just to be able to say that, yes, he indeed had it done. I really thought that this true story from 1996 was common knowledge but I guess you didn’t get that memo. I have been learning about and writing about the musician since the '90’s so I’m more than happy to keep you in the loop about all of the rumors and truths about Marilyn Manson. All you have to do is ask me.

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