Best Drug Store Make up 2017

Tired of spending racks on racks at Mac, or Sephora on makeup? Well here are 10 of the best drug store items that are just as amazing and doesn’t leave your wallet empty!

  1. This thickening mascara has a teeny brush on the tip of the wand, unlike other basic mascaras. Total eye lash coverage!

2. It’s like the world’s best salt spray housed in an aerosol can for a mistier application.

3. These are the Goldilocks of lipsticks. The creamy, pigmented formula is neither too matte nor too shiny. All 24 shades are just right.

4. This isn’t just the best full coverage concealer at the drugstore, it might just be the best around. The formula is light but packed with pigment, so just a tiny drop is enough to cover your whole under-eye area.

5. This is the year that drugstore shelves will get true Beautyblender competition — not just those squishy triangle sponges. Revlon’s take has more edges than we thought possible, perfect for creating skinny contouring lines or blending around your eyes and nose.

6. Three shimmery powder highlighters that feel like butter and leave skin glowing.

7. The cult-favorite Baby Lips balms are getting a colorful upgrade. These crayons have all the same moisturizing abilities but are as pigmented as a lipstick.

8. These new nail polishes are infused with conditioning oils that are slowly released over time, so your nails stay continuously hydrated and strong.

9. A clay mask…for your hair? It really exists, and it’s ideal for those of us with chronically oily roots.

10. This souped-up face oil has vitamin c, antioxidant-rich cranberry and cloudberry seed oils, as well as pure spring water, to hydrate, brighten, and soothe skin.

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