Transcription of the Fender Blues Junior BillM Mod

Here is the video:

My name is Dyce Kimura. I am a Ft Lauderdale guitar teacher and worship leader. I am doing an equipment review on the BillM Modded Blues Junior- Fender Blues Junior, and you are looking at it. I got it brand new but I got it relict and then I had Bill mod it. So, I will play it a little and then I will talk about it.

I am playing the Strat Stevie Ray Vaughan signature.

The reason I got the BillM amp is because I wanted to have a huge Fender Blackface tone at very low volume levels. I work as a guitar teacher and I play in churches, so I needed to have a great tone at low volumes. It was easy for me to get an original Fender Blackface, which I have had, and I loved that tone, but I had to turn it up really loud. This amp comes stocked with 15 watts and after BillM did the upgrades, it now runs at about 18 watts. Notice the amount of base you can hear.

I did a video review of this amp earlier. You can see it on my channel. But I did it with not as nice of a camera, so I hope this is actually a better mic that captures the low-end.

You can hear that base is huge. The speaker that I am using is a Celestian Heritage Greenback. It is a 30 watt. I originally had the 25watt Chinese Greenback. The one you can commonly get at the guitar stores, but I blew that speaker. The low-end started separating, so I had to get the UK Greenback. I got it off EBay. The tubes you hear I am using are TAD (tube amp doctor) — Oliver marked tube amp doctor tubes. I prefer them over JJ’s and Group tubes. They are a lot warmer and they handle the tones amazingly.

Let’s talk about some of these mods.

I got the basic kit mod and the To2 output transformer, the presence control mod, the cathode follower, switchcraft input, the TP24 transformer and the line out built in. I have never used the line out built in. I always mic this thing live.

I set the amp as clean, but I always use it with pedals, even when I am using a clean tone. I’ll get a kind of clean tone with the pedal. So this is kind of what I do. I am going to use a little bit of pedal right now, and this is the analogman king of tone for some clean.

Just a little bit of crunchiness to roll off the hives. Really nice tone, basic and it is full bodied. This is really low volume, and it just sounds huge, which is the whole point. I got a lot questions and comments on this amp review in the past. People asked “what’s the point of getting it? I don’t understand why you are getting it, when you could just get a really nice stock amp that sounds great”. And I get it and agree. I have a bunch of stock amps, but this just sounds great at a low volume. So, I can’t stress that enough.

They can crank too. I have three Bill M amps. This one is the 18watt. I have another one that does not have the output transformer boost and runs a little less power, around 15watts. And I also have another Bill M amp that runs at 30watts. I play this 18watt amp at half volume for 6 months running through a Chinese Greenback speaker and I blew out the low-end of the 25watt speaker with an 18watt amp at half volume. So it just goes to show that 18watts has a lot more bite for 18watts. It is extremely powerful, and very efficient.

I think it handles distortion really well.

That was it with a little bit of memory man delay and some dyna comp on that.

So I like it. It sounds huge.

I cannot stress enough, it sounds great at low volume. I am a huge fan of Fender Blackface. The original Fender Blackface is from the 60’s. I could use this live. It’s got plenty of power for what I do. When I need more power live, I have two Bill M amps and I run them in stereo, so I can double my power and I can put them in stereo using my delay pedal.

I really hope the camera can capture how huge these lows are. These lows are as if it were a Blackface just turned up to like a seven and a half. I like to use this tube with my Bill M.

Lastly, I will show you my amp settings for those who are curious.

I use very basic settings. Nothing flamboyant. That is my reverb on the far right. It is really low. Master is at four and a half. Keep in mind that this is the Blues Junior so it can go to twelve. Mids is at five, five on the base and two and a half on the treble, about three on the presence and about four and a half on the channel volume, with a fat switch off.

Real quick, let me give you a view of the back and inside of the amp. It is super heavy with this Greenback speaker. Those are the TAD tubes and the Celestian Heritage.

Very cool Blues Junior modded by Bill M. He’s a great guy, and he did work on three of my amps.

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