How to distinguish between good and bad website hosting providers.

As you can see in the above infographic, there is web hosting and there is web hosting. I mean to say that there are real professional companies giving you value or more for your money, simply because they love what they are doing and there are the bad ones who are only interested in your credit card. The reason for this is that, since the very beginning, there have never been any requirements for starting a hosting company. Up to now anyone can start a hosting business provided that they are able to acquire the necessary equipment whether it's owned or leased. It's even possible to start your own hosting business by becoming a reseller which means that there's no need to buy or lease any equipment. The only cost for these resellers is a monthly web hosting fee. Last but not least there are even totally free reseller programs which means that people can start their own website hosting business without paying a monthly fee and without making any investment. I'm not saying that all of them are of inferior quality, I'm just saying that you'll have to watch out whom you are dealing with.

Time consuming questions

This leaves us with the question where to go if you are in need of web hosting. Without examining the market, the chance to fall in the wrong hands is big, so you have to be very careful before committing yourself to a hosting provider. Most articles like this one have the same advice which comes down to investigating potential candidate service providers by asking a number of questions such as: is there round the clock support, is support outsourced and if yes, to whom and where, what is the educational level of technical support representatives, what is the uptime guarantee, is there a Money Back Guarantee and so many more questions to be asked to the hosting service. The disadvantage of this is that it's very time consuming.

The same is valid when you start reading customer reviews, testimonials, expert opinions, comparisons and so on. This isn't only time-consuming, there's also a good chance that you will encounter fake reviews or comparisons since many of these authors earn commission from web hosting sales.

How many customers cancel their account?

This leaves us with the question if there's a less time consuming and more reliable method for selecting the best web host for you needs. And, I'm happy to confirm that there is and you'll be surprised how simple it actually is. It enables you to find the best company in minutes instead of hours or even days. It goes as follows: simply search in the search engine for web host with lowest customer cancelation rate and you'll find a few providers in top of the search results enjoying the fact that they encounter only a very small number of customers who are dissatisfied with the services and who cancel their accounts. Customer cancellation is an excellent measurement tool to determine the quality of any company not only limited to web hosting but valid for any product or service offered on the Internet by individuals and companies.

A miracle web host!

When I was looking for reliable web hosting reviews in the UK 8 years ago I found the very best cheap shared hosting service I ever dreamed about. I must admit that I have never been happier with a web hosting service. One of the things I love about them is the fact that they resolve any problem for you in case you are unable to do it yourself and they don't charge anything for the extra work they have. Another advantage is that their uptime and web site speed belong to the world's best because they never overload their servers. There are many hosts who do and sometimes they put thousands of sites on one web server only. Check any website hosted by my web host Linux Hosts Ltd. in (without http://) and you'll notice that there are only a handful other sites hosted on the same server. My own web site shares its server with only 11 other website owners! Thousands of other companies should take this as an example of what a real good service is. Take note, I pay only £4.42 per month! There are so may good things to say about this service provider but that would make this article far too long. So, I would say, go ahead and pick the service that is best for your online business or personal website. Thanks for reading and good luck!