There is time till November 10, 2017 to be in our team! For those who is ready to try on himself that such crypto Cashback, is excellent opportunity to join, having downloaded the http://app application and to receive a welcome BONUS of 100 PlusCoin just like that, having entered a promo code 64r3ctb7hl. We created the independent instrument of charge crypto — cashback, shopping in online stores of partners (and them already 1500)! It is excellent option for carrying out small transactions without the commissions and expectations. Keshbek in PlusCoin to 33% of the sum of purchases from partners! We create infrastructure of the commodity-money exchange expressed in cryptocurrency #PlusCoin. It is a new step in development and promoting of technology #блокчейн and #криптовалюты.

#PlusCoin — it is possible to accumulate thanks to simple actions:
 — 50 PlusCoin a day simply that downloaded the application!
 — 300 PlusCoin that you will offer us the favourite company!
 — 150 PlusCoin for the invited friend
 — 250 PlusCoin for visit of favourite places of your city or points of partners (McDonald’s, KFC, BurgerKing, the Magnet, Pyaterochka and others)!

You still have an opportunity to join us. Be in plus with us!
 Be in plus with #DSplus!!!

Official channels of the project:
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