Among Czechs 2


It’s been a long time since my last post and I thought I needed to keep writing as I promissed. So let’s begin! :D

The Prague Castle!

The main entrace of the Castle — photo by Igor Castañeda Ferreira
the garage entry

In my first days a lady called Kristen, who was in an intership, helped me go around and visit some places and one of them was the Prague Castle.

The castle has a main entry, that in fact is the exit when you are visiting it, a side entry (that is really crowded) and two more entries behind it. The easiest one is the garage one, there’re no tourist groups going through there and you can go up without any problems :)

The view from the top

After going up you can contemplate the amazing view and see almost the entire city from there. It’s beutiful!

They have some statues as well, one of them is this one. Close to this place there is a gardem, but I lost the picture of it D:

When you are here you can feel that this place is really old. Most of the stones are black from time and it’s really amazing thinking about it and the people that used to live there.

You can spend hours there just looking at the city and all its glory.

I made some videos that you can see a little bit more of the castle.

The Prague Castle is a place that is worth it to visit more times. I went there in the Autumn and it was raining a little bit, but in the Spring or in the Summer it will look even more beautiful for sure.

The day before I went to the Prague Castle, I was at the other two famous places. The Astronomical Clock and the Charles Bridge.

Astronomical Clock

First, the Astronomical Clock is cool, it’s a clock and that’s it. I don’t even know how to see the time on it, but it’s cool. If you get there when the time chage you will see a lot of people there trying to get that moment, but it’s just a sound and that’s it. No super special effects or anything. So go to the next one.

Close to the Astronomical Clock you will see Staroměstské náměstí that is really nice too. This place has some mini markets selling food and at Christmas they put a huge tree in the middle and they have some concerts as well. it’s really cool. When I went there at night it looked like another place. The lights on the buildings make you have a different look from the city.

And fillany, Charles Bridge!

This bridge is always crowded. It’s hard to go there and walk straight. You can see that the bridge has dark stones that shows how old it is and it has a lot of history. All the statues in the brigde are replications of the originals ones those are somewhere to avoid being stolen. But it’s a nice walk to do and you can see the river. it’s worth it :)

Some time later a friend of mine, Igor Castañeda Ferreira, made me a visit and he took really nice photos of Prague :D

I think for now it’s enough. Soon I’ll write about more experiences here. So see you soon!