Today We Launch the Injustice Boycott in Standing Rock, San Francisco, and New York City
Shaun King

I have put myself behind this effort to the tune of using my business, and social worlds to encourage and push over 2000 (two thousand) people to join this venture— to stop saying “tomorrow” and “my little bit doen’t matter,” and join now. They were ready to jump in until they saw NYC and SF as the target starts. I told them I would get more information.

I think it is information everyone needs: WHAT EXACTLY are the “on the ground demands” in need of correction to prevent this boycott in those cities. What do these cities need to do to become the leaders they pretend to be.

I am trusting that this is a reasonable plan and an effective strategy — many won’t. PLEASE let us all know what those demands are and why you chose to start here. I am desperate to see this succeed and will be moving 5 accounts to a new bank in support TODAY, but I need a more clear way to let others know.

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