My Very First Adult Date

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by petertarka

In almost every stage of my life, I carried my existential question. Why everything is the way they are? Why am I like that? Why this is happening? Why is it happening to me? Is it only me? These were on one hand childly seeking the answers to my vulnerability, on the other hand giving the responsibility to the external world of my unhappiness.

There were periods that I truly enjoyed especially in my 20s, finally when I discovered my gender outside of my societal norms. I felt lucky being able to explore the playfulness of this younghood. Also, it…

The Hack Show Winner

Towards the end of Ironhack UX/UI design boot camp, all of us were challenged to redesign a digital product for an existed business as our final project. It is time to showcase all the learnings that we invested during the course. Ironhack’s learning platform says “Use the tools you feel will describe your project better.” We did so!

Robinhood store is a social and environmental activist start-up, which wants to compete with convenient bio-supermarket chains. It needs a fundraising page to raise capital to launch their online shop.

The project with a real stakeholder: understand the business needs and…

Largest Independent Art Festival of Berlin 🎨

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Another 5 days of a design sprint at Ironhack is to create a website for a festival. This is an individual work and I took the opportunity to re-think my favorite festival: 48 Hours Neukölln. The largest independent art festival in Berlin needed a kick.

“48 hours Neukölln” is an art festival in Berlin’s district with the same name. Within 48 hours about 300 cultural institutions and societies display the diversity of Neukölln’s artistic potential. The city of Berlin shares that:

People from more than 160 nations and with different backgrounds, religions and world views live in the Neukölln district…

The Fifth Week of Ironhack Challenge

Five days of a design sprint, finally entering the UI world, partner-work together with Marija Kisa Minic.

The challenge is to design a responsive online platform for a magazine, newspaper or blog for Elaine (35) directed to meet her needs and goals from scratch. Keep in mind that micro-interactions are very important (spoiler alert to animation on Principle.)

The Persona

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Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

As the first step, we started our research by conducting some interviews and online surveys. Elaine (35) is an Eco-Friendly Researcher. She loves to read during her lunch breaks. She reads non-fictional, long articles usually.

Goals: be more rational, Discover new passions…

Adding a new feature

In the fourth week of Ironhack, I was asked to add a new feature to an already existed app. My app is Spotify and my task is to show what people around you are listening to.

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Photo by Fimpli on Unsplash

Step 1

I started my process with research. Spotify is a very well known music app with an increasing number of 113 M premium subscribers worldwide as of the third quarter of 2019. It is one of the market leaders.

Keeping the agenda of the company in mind I have conducted some interviews asking if such a feature would be interesting to use. Would the user…

Fun People Inc.

In the third week of Ironhack journey, we have got a task to design an e-learning platform for Fun People Inc., which is an educational company born in 2014. They currently offer in-person courses of languages, music, yoga, cooking and first-aid for adults.

Problem Statement: Fun People Inc. needs a way to provide an engaging online experience for students that cannot attend the workshop camp.

Thanks to a great collaboration with Melanie Maiterth, we have immediately started our research. Our search defined the focus on yoga. First, we searched the competitors (e-learning platforms, yoga studios, online yoga classes). …


As the first week started at IronHack, we have jumped to our first task to solve a wicked problem. Thanks to Anna B and Desy Setyowati, we had a very enjoyable experience to dig into the problem as a team.

Locally produced organic food is something everyone should reach. It should be affordable and accessible. But how? So, we started working on it.

Our problem is Affordable Locally Produced Organic Food. We called it ALPOF.


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Online survey results

We conducted an online survey. The results show that most people are interested in local organic food and they are also ready to make an…

Just before the course starts at IronHack, I am digging into another challenge of usability test and redesign of a travel app. Here is my workflow:

  • Choose one of the given User Type
  • Research destination
  • Benchmarking of the travel apps using Heuristic evaluation.
  • User Test / Interviews
  • Insights
  • Summary (The problem I solve)
  • Redesign
  • Take-aways

For this exercise, we need to use a specific method called Heuristic evaluation created by Jacob Nielsen in 1994. He mainly created ten criteria to test the usability of any digital product.

User Type

Young couple — 20–40 y/o You and your partner decide to go to…

Here is the third exercise that we are asked to analyze the best and worse design experiences we had personally. While analyzing that we need to keep in mind the design principles that we have learned, which are by time changeable apparently. I also need to come up with my own design principles, why they are important for me. So let's get started!

My very personal design principles:

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My good design principles

Best UX

Park am Gleisdreieck

IronHack Challenge #2: Interactive Wireframe

Here is our next challenge for the UI course. We are getting slowly interactive! My app is again Soundcloud 🎵 🔊 💖

Some nice articles, that we have read during the lessons, recommended that wireframing should be only one color to simplify the complexity and only focus on the functions.

First, I have created wireframes only for some buttons. As I have been mimicking the Soundcloud app previously. Even though my artboards were only 5 at the beginning, I thought I should dig into one more gesture and let's see if I can: carousel! 🎡

With this challenge, I…

Duygu Kaban

UX/UI Designer 🖍| Project Manager 🤹🏻‍♀️| 🏰 Proven track record in civic and social organization, art and culture, and academia.

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