The Hack Show Winner

Towards the end of Ironhack UX/UI design boot camp, all of us were challenged to redesign a digital product for an existed business as our final project. It is time to showcase all the learnings that we invested during the course. Ironhack’s learning platform says “Use the tools you feel…

Just before the course starts at IronHack, I am digging into another challenge of usability test and redesign of a travel app. Here is my workflow:

  • Choose one of the given User Type
  • Research destination
  • Benchmarking of the travel apps using Heuristic evaluation.
  • User Test / Interviews
  • Insights
  • Summary (The…

Here is the third exercise that we are asked to analyze the best and worse design experiences we had personally. While analyzing that we need to keep in mind the design principles that we have learned, which are by time changeable apparently. I also need to come up with my…

IronHack Challenge #2: Interactive Wireframe

Here is our next challenge for the UI course. We are getting slowly interactive! My app is again Soundcloud 🎵 🔊 💖

Some nice articles, that we have read during the lessons, recommended that wireframing should be only one color to simplify the complexity and only focus on the…

Duygu Kaban

UX/UI Designer 🖍| Project Manager 🤹🏻‍♀️| 🏰 Proven track record in civic and social organization, art and culture, and academia.

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