Microsite Design for 48h Neukölln 🎪

Largest Independent Art Festival of Berlin 🎨

People from more than 160 nations and with different backgrounds, religions and world views live in the Neukölln district. This diversity can cause tensions but it also makes Neukölln an exciting part of the city to live in.

Research About Festival

Neukölln celebrates all the colors of its local in that 48 hours with its bold standing. The organizers think that it squeezes the most valuable art pieces of town and welcomes everybody since 1999. It is a festival! 🎉

extracting brand attributes from the curatorial text

User Research

The festival is overwhelmingly rich with different forms of artistic production. My interview results show that there are two types of users: locals who visit the festival and the artists who want to contribute.

No other form of representation can be better than the art itself. So, the microsite should show it.

Competitor Analysis

I conducted my competitor analysis among Kunstfest Weimar, Pictoplasma Conference, documenta and Die Vielen. I wanted to locate 48h Neukölln among respected and well-known independent festivals.

The UI

Keeping in mind that this is an art festival, I wanted to design minimal and to the point. Knowing that the production will be made by the local artists for the local residence, I wanted the design to be the canvas for the festival. I wanted the website to focus on the art itself, artists and location as the core points. At the same time, I did not want it to be pure plain black and white since the festival is for the people of color.

The Prototype


I spent quite a lot of time on the animation of the theme. It was a choice to learn more about the program principle for mac. Thanks to this project, I am grateful that I discovered my passion for animation and micro-interactions. I can proudly say that I am confident to take more animation challenges in the future.



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Duygu Kaban

I am a UX/UI designer at Raufeld. I love my doggie (Cora) and enjoy teaching during my free time. I am also a mediocre skater in summer time. duygukaban.com 🏰