Quick Tips for Improving Your Mood

That feeling you get when you’re in the middle of work and you’re yawning, thinking of all the why’s, how’s and what if’s. You’re hit with a pang of negative bits and pieces. Time has passed and your work hasn’t budged not even one bit. Well be careful, you might fall into a loophole of depression without even realizing it. So how do you snap out of it?

  1. Give it a break

Take a step away from the computer or laptop screen or whatever it is that’s giving you a hard time. If it’s a situation or person, remove yourself from it. Your mental health requires more than just exercise or a balanced meal. Healthy emotions launches your brain into positive mode and helps create a better mental state for higher work productivity outcomes. So go ahead and hang with those who give out good vibes, walk around some greenery or go out for a short drive alone.

2. Play a game

Pick up that phone and download a brain game app. With amazing apps designed to increase mental agility and emotional health, you’ll get to play games that are not only fun but also aids in reducing your stress levels. Look out for apps such as Lumosity or Peak in the app store. Through these games you’ll notice changes and improvement to your problem solving skills, emotional control, language and mental agility.

3. Turn up the music

Whether it’s classical, dance, rock or pop, the music you listen to affects your mood. Try something more neutral such as background music from games or movie soundtracks which are made for concentration instead of distraction. You can even add a new skill and instill focus to your brain by picking up a musical instrument.

With these 3 easy tips, you’re just moments away from improved mental health and work productivity. What’s your own mood improvement tip? Share it with us down below.

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