From the world of modest fashion to the humble ventures of a Muslimah, today we’ll take a look at one of Asia Islamic Fashion Week’s (AIFW) fashion influencer — Mizz Nina. Together we take a plunge into the world of Muslim fashion and the career woman that revolves around it.

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Mizz Nina is an award winning singer and song writer from Malaysia who has touched many hearts with her beautiful story of hijrah which also led her towards the modest fashion industry among many other accomplishments. Islamic fashion is gaining momentum within the years and with it comes great responsibility.

The fashion label Sawdaa by Mizz Nina is just one of the many examples of great Islamic fashion. Featuring ample coverage for every Muslimah’s ideal way of dressing and on point designs, Sawdaa delivers a street style edge with the modesty and elegance of Islamic fashion. With subtle hints of athleisure and movement in the fabrics, Sawdaa offers stylish musings for Muslim women around the globe.

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Aside from being fashion savvy, Mizz Nina is also recognised for her constantly growing accomplishments in da’wah and humanitarian efforts. Mizz Nina’s trifecta of Fashion, Da’wah and Compassion undoubtedly makes her our featured woman crush this week.

Stay tuned for our Z Woman Crush feature next week as we take a look at Melanie Elturk, CEO of Haute Hijab (hautehijab.com) in a specially curated series for Asia Islamic Fashion Week 2017 with ZALORA Malaysia.

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