The Characteristics Of Malaysian Curly Hair

Hair of luxury and high quality, the Malaysian curly hair is even finer & lighter than Chinese hair. It is with this type of hair that the curls are best held with a beautiful rendering. The Malaysian curly hair is usually dark brown, although somewhat lighter hair can be seen at the ends. Some Malaysian hair is particularly wavy, but the Malaysian curly hair is usually naturally stiff with some very light waves.

The Chinese hair is similar to the Malaysian hair; there is no frizz and do not swell after a while like Indian hair. The hair is extremely strong. Virgin, they can be colored from black to platinum blond; it is the only hair that can withstand extreme treatment without degrading the quality of the hair.

The Malaysian hair is one of the most sought after because it is stylish & easy to style without having the shiny appearance of doll hair. It is flattering to women of all ethnicities but goes particularly well to Afro-Caribbean women who have thicker follicles.

Of note the Malaysian curly hair is relatively expensive as compared to the Chinese hair, which is relatively not curly.

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