Tips for traveling on long overseas flights

Nobody likes to sit in one spot for hours at a time. However, sitting in a crowded space with over hundred other people is required when taking vacations or trips to other countries. I have traveled on flights over 12 hours long over a dozen times throughout my life. Here are some of my tips for those who are going on those long plane rides.

  1. Make sure everything you bring everything you need with you, such as passports, plane tickets, photo id, and even a pillow.
  2. Leave early by at least an hour in case there is traffic, the lines are slow, and other such things.
  3. Take entertainment that will occupy you for a significant amount of time like a book or even a ebook that is stored a mobile device.
  4. Bring a battery pack so that your phone or other electronic devices don’t run out of juice on the way.
  5. Plan out your next step after arriving at the airport. Figure out what kind of transportation you need, how far to travel wherever you’re staying at, and especially be ready for the weather at your new destination.