Introducing Jukebox — the world’s first decentralized radio streaming application, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Jukebox is an open streaming platform with a single, synchronous queue of music that anyone may publish to for a fee, and that anyone may listen to at no cost. It is built both for artists that want to obtain exposure and listeners that want to broaden their musical horizons.

In accordance with supply and demand, fee prices increase as the length of the queue grows. Song durations are recorded on the blockchain in terms of “block intervals” and the longer the song the more expensive it is to publish. Fees are paid in Ether and stored in the Jukebox smart contract, where they will stay until Jukebox v2, in which they will be pooled with JUKE tokens to establish a base price; the majority of JUKE tokens will be airdropped to previous song-publishing users of the platform. In v2, JUKE tokens will be used to pay for fees and will be entirely burned upon doing so.

Jukebox is live on the Rinkeby testnet with plans to deploy on the Ethereum mainnet in late 2021.