How Positive Thinking Changes Your Life

The quest for personal happiness has never been so strong. Adopting positive thinking helps achieve this. Explanations and advice from professionals.

Positive thinking is not just about covering one’s face. Nor is it an abstract method that promises eternal happiness. On the contrary, it is a true way of life, coming straight from the United States, which allows to change its vision of the world, of others, and of oneself. Sheryl Sandberg — the emblematic director of operations at Facebook — evokes it in his new book Plan B, or how to find forces in the face of adversity , to be published at the end of May at Éditions Robert Laffont. In particular, she points out her role in surviving a painful ordeal, in this case the death of her husband, in 2015 .

How to apply and apply the method on a daily basis to make life easier? Antoine Pelissolo, psychiatrist and author of the book Recovering Hope: A Book of Positive Psychiatry (Ed Odile Jacob), and Philippe Gabilliet, Professor of Psychology and author of The Praise of Optimism: When Enthusiasts Move the World (Ed. Saint Simon), deliver their advice to think otherwise and make us (finally) see life on the right side.

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Change your perception of events

In the office, when your n + 1 or colleague asserts you a negative criticism, it is not uncommon to ruminate all day long, and end up telling you that you are as bad as your job. Positive thinking here allows us not to focus on this single event, but rather to remember all these other times, where your actions have been greeted. By changing your perception, the method forces you to retain the positive of each situation, to relativize, but also not to spend energy unnecessarily. “By working this, we learn to no longer dramatize, we step back and positive over others. We thus gain in serenity, “adds Professor Philippe Gabilliet.

Benevolent return

You have to tackle the core of the problem: change your own look at yourself. In this, positive thinking allows you to gain benevolence, to leave yourself the right to error, to self-congratulate yourself on small successes of everyday life and to accept the compliment of others. This benevolence also applies to others. “Being positive increases the feeling of gratitude towards the entourage. The benefits are many, one feels better and one has more confidence in the future, “explains Antoine Pelissolo. The phenomenon also weakens our negative emotions and provides a sense of lasting well-being .

Relaxing stress

Positive thinking prevents problems

“Positive thinking allows us to focus on the present moment, not to anticipate problems, and to fight against these ruminations . One learns to let go of the ballast, to stop to want to control everything. By the force of things, one is obliged to be in the acceptance “, affirms Antoine Persepolis. The latter is essential: “One must accept one’s own failures and disappointments, and not try to hide his sadness or suffering. It is through this stage that we can become more peaceful, “insists Phillipe Gabilliet.

Giving yourself a living environment

Positive thinking imposes a framework of life. To optimize his optimism, it is necessary to set goals, carry out his projects, establish regular schedules, and even have a slight routine . All this contributes to an emotional stability that is not negligible. Thus, Philippe Gabilliet highlights the importance of realizing his desires: “One of the major axes of positive thinking is to project. Giving yourself goals is essential in order to move forward. Turning dreams or desires into reality is very rewarding and produces a real sense of accomplishment.

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At the same time, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a regular sleep rhythm, being in step with her needs and eating balanced helps to be better in her body and in her mind. The psychiatrist Antoine Pelissolo confirms: “Be happy and positive passes — among other things — by a balanced diet. Saturated fats and sweetened products have a detrimental effect on the brain, which in turn regulates our moods. “

Prevent burn-out

Many leaders are already adept in positive thinking and integrate it into their companies: wellness seminars, relaxation coaches, specialized psychologists … The benefits are quite astonishing, as Antoine Pelissolo demonstrates: “This protects against the harmful effects of stress . It makes it possible to regulate the consequences and to find a correct balance to the work, so as not to be overwhelmed. You get to know yourself better, to better understand your resources, and to focus on the tasks you are able to do. “In short, you learn to be more efficient and above all, you know how to say stop when it is necessary.

How to apply positive thinking to everyday life?

To adopt the philosophy, many tricks exist. According to Antoine Pelissolo, it is essential to start with a schedule that includes periods of break, whether at work or at home. “This moment of self allows to refocus on the present moment and to relieve the pressure. In the office, you opt for five-minute slices, three times a day. At weekends, we prefer longer breaks, to develop personal projects or to do an activity that pleases, “illustrates the professional. We can also fall asleep in a positive way: “In the evening, always remember three positive memories of our day, no matter what the nature of the moment. The important thing is to fall asleep so that the brain registers this feeling of well-being and gratitude, “the psychiatrist informs. No need to focus on negative ideas and try to drive them away. When this happens, it is better to simply come back to moments of happiness. Professor Philippe Gabilliet recommends that a daily “positive newspaper” should be kept daily, in which the joys of the day are written. In this way, our subconscious is trained to retain only the good moments.

Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Cicero
“It is the character of man to be deceived, only the fool persists in his error.” — Cicero
7 Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Epictetus
“Do not wait until events happen as you wish; Decides to want what happens and you will be happy. “- Epictetus
Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier — Seneca
“Being enslaved to oneself is the most painful of slavery.” — Seneca
Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Epictetus
“It does not depend on you to be rich, but it depends on you to be happy.” — Epictetus
Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Marc Aurèle
"By rising in the morning, remember how precious is the privilege of living, of breathing, of being happy." - Marcus Aurelius
Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Epictetus
“Make perfect what depends on us, and take other things as they come.” — Epictetus
Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Marc Aurèle
“Nothing is advantageous that makes you lose the respect of yourself.” — Marcus Aurelius

Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier — Seneca

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” — Seneca

Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Cicero

“The diseases of the soul are more fatal than those of the body.” — Cicero

Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier- Marc Aurèle

“May the strength be given to bear what can not be changed and the courage to change what can be changed but also the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.” — Marcus Aurelius

Eleven Stoic Quotes To Be Happier - Seneca
"If you want to be happy - Be a free man - Let others despise you." - Seneca

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