Scrape a site with Node and Cheerio in 5 minutes

Dylan Sather
Aug 14 · 7 min read
Scraping 101: fetch sample HTML, extract some basic text from it

What is Pipedream?

A quick overview of Pipedream. Click on the GIF to learn more.

Step 1 — Use axios and Cheerio to scrape

Running this code on Pipedream

Run this Node code on a schedule
Click Run Now, and you’ll see the logs show up once your job finishes
You can use cron expressions to schedule your job at any frequency

Step 2 — Send the results somewhere

Email yourself page content

Save results to Amazon S3

Add your bucket name in the Bucket field. You can modify the Prefix and Payload fields, too.
$event.html = $.html()

Learn more

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Building . I love making programming simple for beginners and experts alike!

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