How I Got Out of Idea Debt
John Sexton

I’ve been hanging on, for at least 15 years, to this idea for a hard-boiled noir murder drama set in Silicon Valley in the dot-com days. It would be called “The Net Net” and it would feature a host of grifters making money by selling various vices (fast cars, drugs, the promise of eternal youth, expensive cheese, real estate) to paper millionaires.

The antihero who the action centers on would have some kind of bogus networking company based on a new kind of silicon chip or something. In the end he’d literally get away with murder just as the whole economic house of cards starts to tilt, escaping the enclosing net of the law by jetting off to the Cayman Islands with a few million (in actual dollars!) in his suitcase, a pile of worthless shares left behind in the hands of his gullible investors, and a dead co-founder buried under the salt drying ponds that used to encircle the southern half of the SF Bay.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this idea is now badly dated, and has probably been superseded by HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” More importantly, I’ve done next to nothing with it in the last decade and a half, so I’m going to let it go.

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