Have you moved to Helsinki? What’s your new job all about? What were you doing in Iceland? Are you coming back?

If you follow any of my social channels you’ll have probably realised that I haven’t been in London for over 3 weeks now. I’ve been receiving quite a few questions about what is going on so I thought I would write a quick piece to let everyone know 😊

As many of you already know I took the decision to leave Hootsuite and I am now embarking on a bit of an unconventional new adventure which you will read about in a minute. Iceland was a trip that has been planned for absolutely ages and was truly amazing. We hired a campervan and toured the island for 10 days — keep an eye on my Instagram over the next few weeks to see some more bad boy 📷 shots like this one.

As soon as I arrived back from Iceland I was straight back on another plane to Helsinki, Finland. This is where things get interesting and I answer most of the typical questions I have been receiving.

Leadfeeder are a completely remote team with about 50% of us based in Finland and the other 50% working remotely around the world. So no, I’m not moving to Finland. This week was purely for onboarding and to meet some of the team, however after having such an incredible time in this city I have no doubts that I will be visiting fairly frequently.

So what happens next?

I have just landed back in London and am writing this from my seat on the Gatwick Express train. On Monday I will be moving into the incredible Huckletree co-working space where I will be basing myself for the foreseeable future. Shout out to Graham & Mark at The Startup Van for helping make this happen.

You will be seeing a lot more content from me now in the form of video as well as written so keeps your eyes peeled 😀

Hopefully that’s answered a few of your questions.

Have a great weekend!