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Dylan Bednarz — Tips For New Business Owners

June 20, 2016

​Dylan Bednarz has noticed that many small businesses struggle to find their footing during their first years, often owing to the inexperience of the company founder. This experience will come with time, but the following pointers should help those who are looking to get a head start in terms of building their business for future success.


Many new business owners try to juggle as many opportunities as possible in the hope that one of them will pay off. This is a dangerous tactic and may lead to your spreading yourself out too thin. Instead, focus on the opportunities that offer the largest potential for business growth and plow your efforts into providing the best possible service based around those opportunities.

Keep Track of Finances

You need to be on control of your businesses finances at all times if you are to have any chance of success. Spending more than you have available to you is obviously going to cause problems, so make sure that you are aware of every possible expenditure, from wages through to stock costs and utility bills, so that you understand how much you are spending each month.

Act Like A New Business

Many new business owners feel as though that need to purchase expensive offices and cars in an effort to fit in with the local business community, but Dylan Bednarz points out that this can leave a massive dent in your finances. Present yourself professionally but always understand that you are running a start-up.

Dylan Bednarz — Disadvantages of Renting A Property

June 13, 2016

When choosing whether to rent or buy a property, you need to keep the pros and cons of both in mind before making your final decision. Dylan Bednarz has fostered an interest in real estate for a number of years and has looked at the reasons why you might want to consider buying a property instead of renting.

Variable Costs

When you rent a property, the likelihood is that your initial tenancy agreement will only last for a few months. Once that has concluded, your landlord is free to raise your rent payments as much as they like, leaving you with the possible decision of leaving the property or paying the increased rates. While this will not always happen, it is a distinct possibility and one that needs to be kept in mind at all times.

You Never Gain Equity

Because the money you pay goes directly to the landlord, rather than into the property itself, you will never find yourself in a position to build an equity. This can make it more difficult to buy in the future, while also leaving you in a position where money that could have gone towards a house purchase has instead been spent on renting with no additional return.

Limited Customization

Dylan Bednarz notes that some tenancy agreements can be very restrictive and you may find that there is little that you can do to the property to personalize it and make it feel like a home. This is not an issue when you buy, so make sure you carefully examine your tenancy agreement to find out what you can actually do.

Dylan Bednarz — Tips For New Team Leaders

June 6, 2016

When Dylan Bednarz became a Shift Supervisor at Panera Bread, he was asked to help lead a team of more than sixty Associates to ensure the café runs as smoothly as possible. Taking over a team can be a harrowing task for those who have little prior experience in management, so consider the following pointers if you find yourself in this position and aren’t sure about what to do.

Introduce Yourself

It is likely that you will have worked with many of your new team members before, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to introduce yourself again. Focus on your new role and what that entails, so that everybody you have been asked to lead understands your new position, while still being able to put a human face on their management.

Observe Other Managers

One of the best ways to learn about how to be an effective team leader is to observe others in the same role. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of what is expected of you, in addition to hopefully allowing you to pick up some useful management techniques that you can use with your own team. Always listen to any advice that you are given and start acting like a team leader.

Identify Goals

Dylan Bednarz notes that identifying the goals that your team must attain is important, as it provides you with focus. Speak to your manager to learn what is expected of you and make sure that you build a plan based around this goal for your team members to follow.

Dylan Bednarz — Tips For Becoming A Chemical Engineering Consultant

May 31, 2016

Though he has placed most of his focus on continuing his studies following his graduation from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, with the aim of becoming a Pharmaceutical Engineer, Dylan Bednarz understands that his degree will allow him to become a Chemical Engineer if he chooses. Consulting in this field is an excellent way to make use of your education to achieve a higher income and he offers the following advice for people who are considering this path.

Network Constantly
 As with most areas of business, becoming a successful consultant in the field of chemical engineering is as much down to who you know as it is what you know. You should make an effort to present yourself to any movers and shakers in the industry, while also working to build upon your professional reputation in any way that you can.

Get Experience
 Nobody is going to take a consultant in any field seriously if they do not have the professional experience required to show that they have expertise. Before looking into consultancy, make sure that you land a suitable role with a reputable firm and develop the knowledge and experience that you will need.

Focus On All Skills
 Dylan Bednarz points out that focusing solely on your skills as a Chemical Engineer will lead to you ignoring other business skills that you prove just as important as your knowledge base. Focus on improving your communication skills and make sure that you are capable of making use of technology to provide the best possible results.

Dylan Bednarz — Advantages of Buying A Home

March 29, 2016

​While Dylan Bednarz aims to become a Pharmaceutical Engineer after he has completed his studies, he also maintains an interest in the world of real estate and is quick to provide advice to people who ask him about the property market. A common question posed by people looking to move home is whether they should buy or rent, so consider these advantages of buying a home before you make a decision.

It’s An Investment

While the property market will fluctuate over time, on a general level any home that you purchase will increase in value as time goes on, assuming that you keep it in good condition. You can accelerate this process by investing even more into the home, making it a more attractive prospect should you make the decision to sell later on.

Predictable Costs

Assuming you decide to take a fixed-rate mortgage, the cost of owning your own home should stay predictable, allowing you to budget for it more effectively. Conversely, if you choose to rent you will be tied into the conditions of your contract for a certain amount of time, but the rent you pay can then be changed dramatically when it comes time to renegotiate the contract.

Greater Privacy

If you rent a property your home will likely be subject to fairly regular inspections and you may find yourself living in a building with other people as well. Dylan Bednarz points out that home ownership affords you a greater sense of privacy, which is important for those who don’t like the idea of opening their home to inspection by somebody else.

Dylan Bednarz — Mistakes New Lab Managers Often Make

March 23, 2016

Dylan Bednarz is aiming to become a Pharmaceutical Engineer and hopes to one day run his own laboratory while working for a major company in the industry. As such, he has taken it upon himself to research the role and the various challenges that it offers, highlighting a number of mistakes that many new lab managers make in the process.


If you are used to working in other roles at the laboratory it can often be difficult to delegate tasks to others and trust that they will be done properly. This leads to many lab managers micromanaging their research projects, which can often delay them enormously while damaging the morale of your team. Trust your team members to be able to complete the tasks you set for them without needing to have you breathing down their necks.

Making Many Changes

If you are taking over the role of Laboratory Manager from somebody else you need to consider the fact that the lab’s team will have been working under a number of pre-established guidelines for a long time. If you come in and make sweeping changes to the processes they normally follow, you are going to damage productivity until your team is able to adjust.

No Direction

Dylan Bednarz notes that where micromanaging is an issue because of providing too much direction, a completely hands-off approach can lead to your team having no direction at all. Any work undertaken into your laboratory should have a clear end goal and all team members should understand their roles.

Dylan Bednarz — How To Improve Customer Service

March 15, 2016

As a Shift Supervisor at Panera Bread, Dylan Bednarz is responsible for a team of sixty Associates, many of whom work in a customer-facing position and interact with the café’s diners on a regular basis. This means that he has to ensure their customer service skills are up to par. The following pointers should help anybody in a management role improve the quality of customer service offered by their team.

Learn From Mistakes

Everybody who works with customers is going to have a bad experience at some point during their careers, so it is important that they learn from the mistakes they may have made to lead themselves into that situation. You can help your team members along by identifying such mistakes for them and mentoring them on the best ways to avoid such issues in the future.

Stress The Importance Of Patience

Interactions with a customer may get heated on occasion, particularly if the customer is frustrated over what they believe to be poor service. An untrained customer service professional may respond to such shows of emotion in kind, which can be damaging to the company. As such, you should train your staff to remain calm, patient and polite regardless of what the customer says.

Listen To Feedback

Dylan Bednarz notes that one of the best ways to improve the quality of service offered by your team is to take note of every piece of feedback that you receive from your customers. Use the positive feedback to boost the morale of team members, while examining the negative feedback to find out what improvements need to be made.

Dylan Bednarz — Tips For Graduate Chemical Engineers

March 4, 2016

Dylan Bednarz is reaching the end of his studies at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he aims to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. This means that he is now considering the path that he wants to take once he has received his degree and has developed a number of tips for people in the same position.

Set A Career Goal

Hopefully a student in their final year of studies will already have an idea of what they want to do for a career, but if you are still unsure you need to set a goal now so that you have something to aim towards. This will allow you to determine what you need to do in order to start the career that you want, whether this means further education or building a portfolio of previous research work that will impress potential employers.

Start Networking

You should aim to speak to and build relationships with as many people in your sector as possible. You can do this by taking advantage of any research positions that open up in your local area, as these will not only allow you to get a better idea of what will be expected of you in the world of work but will also allow you to meet people who may provide you with opportunities once you graduate.

Always Keep Learning

While your college course will provide a good foundation of knowledge, Dylan Bednarz notes that to be a success as a Chemical Engineer you must keep learning. Read research papers and constantly keep track of new developments in the field.

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