The Turbines Outside Copenhagen (2013)

In Denmark, a picture was taken,

of a sea of turbines

off the shores of Copenhagen.

A row of them stands,

large, regal, imposing,

facing the vast and teaming ocean,

in a sly resistance

to our fated flood.

Humanity deftly remains

the suspended, arbitrary seed

planted on the nail’s edge of the cosmos.

The city, cropped out of the photo,

and thus unseen,

depends on these white turbines,

to charge the world that is to come.

I’ve never been to Denmark.

But desperately, reversing despair,

I tell myself today

that tomorrow will close fast,

bringing that long-awaited

unforeseeable future

into a flow of gentle currents.

And maybe I will sail forth,

against all odds,

on my makeshift raft,

incapable of fighting the current.

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