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From what I can tell, photography is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, as I’ve seen more and more people roaming the streets having fun with their cameras, and this got me thinking, why not share some advice for those who might be tempted to try?

Before I continue, I have to add that I am by no means a professional from National Geographic, neither am I the owner of an Instagram-famous account. No, I’m simply a man with a hobby, the everyday man with a simple interest in capturing the beauty of his surroundings. If you feel that this is…


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As writers, we all have our preferences when it comes to certain topics. Most likely based on our strengths or interests, these are the topics we’ll probably write about should we decide to pick up a pencil (or open a new word doc).

However, on the flip side of things lie the hardest topics to write about. In general, these are topics that have additional requirements to fulfil before they can be complete, and can be tedious, difficult, or both.

If you’re interested in the joys of writing and art in general, you can check out this article below. Otherwise…

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As sports fans, we’re all sure to have certain biases when it comes to our favourite players or even teams. Because of that, we sometimes use certain arguments to defend them when others have a differing opinion. However, how valid are those arguments?

While some of these can be based on logic or the “eye test” (visually assessing an athlete's performance to assess their capability), it doesn't necessarily mean those statements paint the whole picture. Hence, it’s time to take a look at some common arguments made when comparing athletes. …

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Art, at its base form, is a form of creative expression. It is a medium that allows us to freely express ourselves so we are able to better communicate our emotions. Unfortunately, it’s also constantly being stifled by our other priorities.

In this day and age, we’re all busy juggling our time between school, work, and relationships that we barely have time for ourselves. These priorities would cut deeply into any leftover time for artistic escape. However, when it’s time for us to begin our creative endeavours, that’s when the magic truly begins.

When we’re unrestricted by any guidelines or…

And what to do about it

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Views, likes, and comments. The holy trinity of engagement figures writers aim to maximise when we publish our work. However, most of us would find that it’s easier said than done, and here’re a few reasons why.

Headline Relevancy

These big, bold words are the first contact point for potential readers, and can influence them to either click on it or scroll away. After all, we’re familiar with the impact of first impressions, and it’s no different for headlines. …

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Ever since its introduction in the 18th century, Sudoku has been a source of entertainment that has accompanied us through periods of boredom while sharpening our thinking capacity.

However, the value it provides extends that, as there are also several lessons to be learnt from the puzzle. Here are five such lessons you can learn from playing Sudoku.

Start small

Don’t start off by going for the big empty spaces, but target the rows, columns, or boxes that are the most crowded. …

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If you’re an avid user of dating apps (a position I strongly deny being in), then you’re likely aware of the various types of acronyms present on the profiles who’re there for a different kind of action. Some of them make sense but others sound entirely random, so the question is: who even comes up with these acronyms?

Now, this isn't a history paper to figure out the origin of sexual acronyms so you can rest assured and continue reading on before hitting the “back” button. …

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Life is like a movie, and we’re the protagonist starring in our adventures through life. As we progress, we’ll be introduced to our supporting cast, ranging from characters like classmates to one-off characters like the cab driver from yesterday. Eventually, we’ll be introduced to one of the more permanent characters: the antagonist.

Regardless of whether it’s a school bully or strict parents, we’re sure to encounter and eventually overcome them as we grow. However, what happens when one of the antagonists in your life is yourself?

It’s to be expected at one point, as we are sometimes the culprit hindering…


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It sounds rhetorical, but it’s still a question that we should sometimes ask ourselves. After all, each of us has an idea of the person we want to be when we grow up, so it’s only fitting that we ask ourselves from time to time, “who am I?”

Many people, myself included, would often wonder the same thing. How is it that despite living our lives up to this point, we’re still at a loss for words whenever someone asks us to give a short introduction of ourselves? Surely no one would know us better than ourselves, right?

Well, the…

Finally having a go at paying for “exclusive” content

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Bored and horny. Possibly the worst combination for males out there and it’s no different in my case, especially during this period when we’re all forced to stay at home.

Hence, like anyone else who’s bored out of their minds, I decided to find ways to entertain myself. One of which involved downloading the dating app, OkCupid. You can read more about that experience in the article below.

Presently, I had cut down my time spent on the app since downloading it but still checked it every so often, anticipating the surprises that awaited me. …

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