3rd Quarter 2018 Goals Update

Dylan Cornelius
Oct 4, 2018 · 6 min read
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I said I wanted to meet 4 goals this year. Here’s progress I made on each during the third quarter. I’ve added a few goals, organized it according to my primary personal values, and am converting this to a rolling goals/status update.

1. Health: Reduce Allergy Symptoms And Medication Use

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My new goal is to cut intake of irritating foods, which should cut allergy symptoms sufficiently to reduce my allergy medication use. I spoke with my doctor’s staff and this is what they suggested.

reduce intake of irritating foods with elimination dieting

find a drug cocktail that includes fewer allergy medications

  • OTC drugs are as effective, less costly, and far less complicated for me.
  • Prescription drugs are vastly more expensive, they benefit the insurance-medical-pharmacology-industrial complex far more greatly than the over the counter meds, they offer me no clear benefit and far more cost and inconvenience, as I must visit and pay my doctor annually to write a prescription.

2. Fitness: Run Faster; Qualify for Boston Marathon; Age-Group Triathlon Podium

Sujata And Dylan Win Age Group Awards At The 2015 Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k
Sujata And Dylan Win Age Group Awards At The 2015 Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k
Sujata And Dylan Win Age Group Awards At The 2015 Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k

Return to Running post-surgery

  • Ran 2 miles 7 days in a row, on top of a mile walk, then
  • Ran 2.5 miles,
  • all in 95+ degree heat.
  • Now I’m run/walking a few days a week.

After the first few days, I found my pain was dramatically less frequent (movement = blood flow = healing?)

  • Now the discomfort is frequent and very minor in August, like a nervous eye twitch, the discomfort has become infrequent and only a sensation that there is more nervous response than there “should” be. Minor discomfort plus annoyance plus the nagging concern in the back of my head that it could get worse or be permanent (in August) has become a thought every couple of days that maybe this really will finally totally resolve!
  • Mostly, when I have the discomfort, I find that if I activate my abs and emphasize standing up straight, it resolves.

Since I’m basically beginning as a new runner again, I’ve decided to take on Dr. Phil Maffetone’s aerobic approach to training while I increase my mileage.

3. Service: Serve Others And Be Endorsed

  • I continue to reach out to everyone I meet, to make a difference in some area they have not been seeing the progress they want.

4. Adventure

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Bucket list

  • Mature virtual business
  • Incorporation.
  • Privacy page.
  • Terms page.
  • Travel to Hawaii 4Q
  • Resume athletic racing and Boston training after full recovery from hernia surgery

Multiple Sustainable Revenue Streams enable time and location freedom

Best: Time and location freedom

  1. Multi-family real estate passive investing
  2. Coaching

Better: Some Time freedom

  1. Consulting
  2. Training

Good: Committed time and place

  1. Contractor

5. Create Sustainable Digital Product Revenue Streams

Online Courses

  • Rapid Diet Transformation
  • weight loss and management (“finally thin forever”)
  • relationship development (“finally together forever”)
  • job satisfaction (“love my job”)
  • Long form sales landing pages: Will create sales pages for “finally together forever” and “love my job” courses.
  • Marketing and Sales: Hired a marketing and ad company. Creating marketing system, promoting first course, and developing messaging and selling skills and process. Building:
  • long-form facebook ad,
  • long form sales page,
  • opt-in landing page,
  • 20 email auto-responders,
  • 3 introduction/education video pages
  • Production: Have begun producing finally thin forever course based on experience delivering successful coaching results.

Services: Coaching/Consulting/Writing/Training

  • 1:1 coaching will be available with all courses.
  • Training: developing digital courses.
  • Consulting: No immediate plans in this area, though the 3 Phases and 10 P’s can be applied for transformational change in business.
  • Writing: No plans to offer writing as a service.

Digital Products

Audience-based activities: Speaking/Training (no changes planned)

Affiliate Marketing/Joint Ventures (no changes planned)

  • Store: Adding a store on my web site to share these with interested visitors.
  • Landing Pages: Have at least 3 articles promoting services I use. May convert these to landing pages. For future articles, I’ll use a landing page format.
  • Trigger goal: This will require far higher social media engagement and traffic to drive meaningful revenues.

Third-party funding/sponsorships/Advertising (no changes planned)

  • As an InsideTracker triathlete, I urge athletes and other high performance people to “take a selfie from the inside”, know their numbers, and make the best decisions for their personal health and fitness.
  • Found a plugin that makes online ad sales seem easy. Found an article indicating 500 unique viewers daily would result in about $30 monthly revenues. Trigger goal here is to grow traffic to 100s of unique users daily, then consider whether to move forward with this.

Physical Product Sales (no changes planned)

Software (no changes planned)

Consider. Choose. Act.

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  • Did you create resolutions or goals for 2018 or beyond?
  • How is progress on your goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized and documented your recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it, and let the world acknowledge your progress!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals?

Originally published at DylanCornelius.com.

Dylan Cornelius

Written by

I believe the world can work for everyone and it starts with relationships that work. Change Your Life with Product Development and Agile Management Practices.

Dylan Cornelius

Written by

I believe the world can work for everyone and it starts with relationships that work. Change Your Life with Product Development and Agile Management Practices.

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