4th Quarter 2018 Goals Update

I said I wanted to meet 4 goals in 2018. I’ve added a few goals, organized it according to my primary personal values, and am converting this to a rolling update of Objectives and Key Results.

1. Objective: Health, Energy, Vitality

Key Result: Eliminate Unnecessary Stressors, as advised by Dr. Phil Maffetone

Measure: Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Control Diet:

  • When I manage diet as below, I experience fewer allergy symptoms.
  • When I eat offensive foods, I experience more allergy symptoms.

Control Location:

I’ll begin considering allergens and allergy symptoms in my vacation planning, as another test of how my home and Austin may be the greatest causes (I developed my extreme allergies, like many people, after about 5 years of living in the Austin area).

Measure: Reduce Medication Use

  • When I manage diet as below, I can manage with only Allegra and Zyrtec.
  • When I eat offensive foods, I need prescription sinus sprays.

Measure: Reduce Consumption of Irritating Foods — use elimination dieting to find offensive foods

I am eliminating eggs and garlic from my diet.

I am reducing nuts, seeds, and gums, as I find simpler alternatives to prepared foods, which I can prepare at home.

I’ve begun eating squash every week. It’s easy to find, easy to cook, easy to store, and a far less risky, palatable carb compared to many processed food and grains.

2. Objective: Fitness

Key Result: Age-Group Triathlon Podium

Key Result: Qualify for Boston Marathon

Sujata And Dylan Win Age Group Awards At The 2015 Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k
Sujata And Dylan Win Age Group Awards At The 2015 Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k

Key Result: Return to running post-surgery

Odd, brief, nervous sensations in the area of the wound and/or the affected muscle or its attachment points, a couple of times weekly. Otherwise, no remaining obvious indications of pre- or post-surgery trauma.

Since I’m basically beginning as a new runner again, I’ve decided to take on Dr. Phil Maffetone’s aerobic approach to training while I increase my mileage.

I’m now run/walking 4 or 5 days a week, 20 miles or so:

  • M 3–4 miles with strides
  • T 3–4 miles or off
  • W 4–6 miles progressively harder
  • Th 3–4 miles
  • F Off
  • S 8–12 miles
  • Sun 3–5 miles

3. Objective: Be of Service

Key Result: Serve Others

  • Deliver lifestyle change courses to leaders, entrepreneurs, and mid-senior professionals. First courses will be for those seeking weight loss, fitness, relationship development, and a job they love. See details under “Courses” below.
  • Measure: Automation working — Prospects engaging with Ad, Opting-in to mailing list, Scheduling calls, Attending initial sessions, Buying the course, Engaging the Lessons, Performing the Practices, Attending Coaching Sessions, Requesting Support, Doing the Work, Getting Results, Sharing their results with people they know and people they don’t know, and bragging about their affiliation with the course and me.

Key Result: Be Endorsed

  • Meet new people and help them make a difference so big they spontaneously and authentically share the result with others.

4. Objective: Adventure

Key Result: Create and maintain a list of target adventures

Measure: Keep a Bucket list

  • Travel to Hawaii 4Q
  • Boston Qualification
  • Time and location freedom (Mailbox Money — Assets produce money while I sleep)
  • Digital products
  • Real estate investing
  • Multiple sustainable revenue streams

5. Objective: Create Sustainable Business

  • Create sustainable revenue (see below)
  • Mature virtual business
  • Incorporation.
  • Privacy page.
  • Terms page.

Key Result: Sustainable Recurring Revenue Streams


Real Estate — another cash-flowing real estate investment ($50,000) Digital Products — deliver a new product on the first Thursday of every month

I’ve defined a 10 step framework for creating sustainable change, which can be applied in any transformation or product development project. This will be the foundation for products including tools, online courses, books, and services including coaching.

Online Courses

Services: Coaching/Consulting/Writing/Training

  • Group coaching will be available with all courses.
  • 1:1 coaching will be available with all courses.
  • Training: developing digital courses.
  • Consulting: No immediate plans in this area, though the 3 Phases and 10 P’s can be applied for transformational change in business.
  • Writing: No plans to offer writing as a service.

Audience-based activities: Speaking/Training (no changes planned)

As I perfect messaging for courses and products, I will return to Toastmasters and begin seeking out speaking opportunities with professional associations and other interest groups, where I will share about sustainable lifestyle change, and the results that are achievable with my courses.

Affiliate Marketing/Joint Ventures (no change)

  • Ads: I’ve made rotating twitter ads and one-time Facebook ads for 11 services/products I use and enjoy. Adding more as they arise.
  • Store: Will add a store on my web site to share these with interested visitors.
  • Landing Pages: Have at least 3 articles promoting services I use. May convert these to landing pages. For future articles, I’ll use a landing page format.
  • Trigger goal: This will need far higher social media and web site engagement and traffic to drive meaningful revenues.

Third-party funding/sponsorships/Advertising (no change)

  • PNC Bank is currently paying me to help roll out a new work management approach (Kanban with JIRA) across their Platform Engineering organization.
  • Texas Beef Athletic team: when I make public appearances, I receive reimbursement for races and events.
  • InsideTracker: as an InsideTracker triathlete, I’ve experienced improved energy, training, diet, and performance. As a busy athlete seeking high performance in all areas of my life, InsideTracker has taught me a great deal about my body, my fitness, proper diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. “Take a selfie from the inside”, know your numbers, and make the best decisions for your personal health and fitness. I’ve caught and resolved iron, magnesium, and vitamin D deficiencies, and experienced dramatic improvements in energy and performance. Choose the plan that’s right for you, now.
  • Will consider who else I can represent for mutual benefit.
  • Found a plugin that makes online ad sales seem easy. Found an article indicating 500 unique viewers daily would result in about $30 monthly revenues. Trigger goal here is to grow traffic to 100s of unique users daily, then consider whether to move forward with this.

Physical Product Sales (no current plans)

Software (no current plans)

Bonus Opportunity

  • Will you create resolutions or goals for 2019?
  • How is progress on your current goals?
  • Have you clearly summarized a recent quarterly or monthly goals update? Share it, and let the world acknowledge your progress!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals? Book a call with me. I guarantee you will leave our conversation with a breakthrough in your progress, for free, whether we choose to do business together or not.


Dr. Phil Maffetone suggests eliminating unnecessary stressors in The Big Book of Aerobic Training and Racing.

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