Claim Your Power: 1st Key to Transformation

Dylan Cornelius
Aug 23, 2018 · 7 min read

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

— Henry Ford

Have you noticed how some people just know they’re the boss?

They have no question it’s them. Furthermore, everyone knows they’re the boss.

Everyone else defers to them. There’s no question in anyone’s mind that everyone else is NOT the boss.

Did you ever wonder why it works that way?

Why doesn’t everyone wake up one day and just decide they’re the boss? Why doesn’t everyone eventually wake up and just say they’re the boss?

We know there are millions of companies, so there are millions of bosses. We know it’s reasonable to expect that anyone could be a boss. So why isn’t everyone a boss?

The reason is simple, maybe even obvious. Once you grasp it, you will see there’s really nothing you can’t have or create in the universe. It’s ridiculously simple. It’s deceptively simple. Yet, despite its simplicity, without the key ingredient, the transformation is impossible.

Just as cement without water is just a fine powder, and bread dough without leavening yields only a cracker, the magical ingredient seems deceptively simple, yet its the absolutely most important thing in the world for creating magical transformation.

Power is a choice

The difference between the boss and the rest of the team is a choice. The boss chose to be the boss.

Then s/he applied for the job.

The people who choose the boss agreed, and they chose him/her as the boss.

When they hired or chose the boss, they told everyone else, and everybody else agreed she was the boss, too (because they are conditioned to do so). They chose her as the boss.

Anyone who disagreed had the opportunity to choose her as boss or to leave, and they eventually chose. This is where the system begins to reinforce the choices made inside the system — we’ll talk more about this later.

After all the choices, the boss was the boss. It was that simple.

There’s only 2 things you need to do:

1. Have an open mind.

2. Just be prepared to have a go.

— Graham Shaw

She made the choice, then she was the boss

The difference between the boss and anyone else is a choice, followed by a cascade of choices.

Any place you want a different result in your life, it must begin with a choice, by you, to have that result.

You don’t even have to believe it’s immediately possible. You just have to choose it. Then you have to choose to see what would be necessary for it to become possible.

You have to believe it could be possible. If you know of other people who’ve done something like it, it’s usually easy to believe.

“If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory.”

— William Hazlitt

Alternatively, as long as you choose to be anything other than the boss…

You will continue to be whatever else it is you’ve chosen to be.

Get it?

Whether you did it consciously or not, you’ve made choices to become what or who you are today. Congratulations! You are almost certainly who you chose to be.

At the same time, if you’re here, it may be that you’re ready to make another choice and seek a transformation from where you are.


You’re making another choice, and you will be rewarded for it!

Start by giving yourself permission to be powerful.

I hereby give you permission to be, do, or have whatever you want! You have my permission to be happy. I give you permission to be thin, fit, healthy, and strong. You hereby have my permission to live the life you want, and to abandon the life you don’t want. I give you permission to to be wealthy, friendly, and likable. You have my permission to have the relationship of your dreams. I give you permission to have the work life that inspires you, a job you love, and the high performing team and business you always wanted.

Now, you give yourself permission to be, do, or have whatever you want.

I’ll wait.

  • Write it down.
  • Repeat it to yourself, out loud.
  • Get the words just right.
  • This is your life, starting now.
  • Take it, just as you want it, and with nothing you don’t.

As you stay committed to a belief and its possibilities, you will actually begin to believe them more and more!

As you stay committed, your brain works on the problem and you see more and more of the conditions and actions that will cause it. Then you need to choose to take those actions. Then you have to actually take those actions.

Over time, if your plan was reasonable, and your actions were competent, if you modified your plan when appropriate, if you took new actions as it became clear they were necessary, then you delivered results that supported your goal, and eventually you achieved your goal.

That’s the difference between the highest achievers, and the highest achievements of everyone else.

High Achievers Choose Power.

That is all.

I’m not saying all choices will inevitably lead to success.

I don’t know if a fish can competently ride a bicycle, even if the fish chooses to do so.

However, I am certain the fish will never ride the bicycle until it chooses to do so.

I also know a human who chooses to help a fish ride a bicycle will quickly have a fish riding a bicycle.

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your two ears.”

— Laird Hamilton

Claim Your Power Despite Fear.

“…you’ll carry the fear of failure with you each second because deep down, you’ll realize that you yourself had never been taught better.”

— Evelyn Lozada

Any time you face a new choice or direction, fear will be present. This is human. We all experience fear.

The path from fear to results has only one step: action.

Even successful speakers and entertainers report fear before performance.

The only difference between themselves and unsuccessful speakers and entertainers: they take action every time they experience fear.

Unsuccessful speakers and entertainers are stopped by their fear.

Any successful initiative is the result of people who overcame their fear and took action.

Promise yourself you’ll take action when you notice you are experiencing fear.

I’ll wait.

Say to yourself, “In moments of fear, I’ll take action anyway.”

In moments of fear:

  • Stop.
  • Notice the fear.
  • feel it in your body. Where is it?
  • Accept the fear.
  • Speak the fear.
  • Experience the fear.
  • Act anyway.

For example:

  • I feel fear in my chest, with tightness, rapid heart rate, a breathless felling, a sense of excitement and agitation.
  • I accept the fear.
  • I say “I’m afraid I’ll perform poorly”, or “I’m afraid it won’t work”, or “I’m afraid we could fail”.
  • I feel it again.
  • I act.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Getting to choice

Some will say they can’t choose until they believe. It’s not worth getting hopes up, like that darn fish who couldn’t ride a bicycle even if he wanted to.

Belief is malleable.

There are plenty of places we have no evidence, yet we believe.

In many of those places, we simply heard a message so many times it became obvious as the way it is, with little or no objective evidence.

  • Church
  • God
  • The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • The power of the almighty dollar
  • Mom, baseball, and apple pie
  • Family
  • Blood is thicker than water

There is plenty of evidence, and there are plenty of people, who argue against every one of the above. However there are plenty of people who know these things to be true and worthy and just, worth living and even dying for.

One way to belief is repetition of affirmations.

There’s a saying in marketing that it takes 9 exposures to create interest and 9 more to create a buying impulse.

There’s a practice in performance that we visualize an outcome repeatedly and it improves our ability to deliver that outcome.

We hear a message enough times, we begin to believe it.

  • Even if we invented it out of thin air.
  • Even if there’s no objective evidence for it.
  • Even if we only say it silently to ourselves.
  • Over time it becomes a rule.
  • Eventually it becomes an unbreakable law.

In my programs, we will use these principles to create belief, choice, and power.

For example,

For more information

Assignments For More Power

(to be published next week)

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