I had the fortune of being able to do this project with my own band. Therefore the plan around the release of our upcoming album was largely lead by my guide. That being said, this project really helped actually get a planned layout on paper. In addition the other group members involved really helped shed some light on other areas that we need to focus on as a band. Having outside minds chime in was very important because otherwise the band and it’s team eventually form our own echo-chamber of thoughts.

The class covered radio promotion and touring and licensing, band image, etc. All of which were already things that our band thought of when doing business-related things. What changed was having specialization and different people really focusing on different parts of these.

Social media and our website are important, and if not for this group project, the audience would still be misguided. Emily and Jaina mentioned that each of these platforms need to be targeting specific groups, whether it be fans, bookers, general interest, etc. The current focus of these is much more scattered and trying to cover all of our bases. In order to be more effective we will target our website to people hiring us to play as opposed to general fan audience. That will be our Twitter and instagram. For the middle -of-the-road “hub” for brief encounters or general important information, Facebook would be a better tool. In addition updating pictures and content constantly is important. The mention of vlogs also came up and I think that is definitely a path I want to try and convince the band to take.

Acting as our own managers and bookers is really difficult, and Alison made a very good point of utilizing relationships with similar artists helps ease much of the business decisions and allows for a receptive audience. This is something we have tried getting away from as a band in order to “make our own scene,” but clearly at this stage of our career, the mutual benefit of ally bands is much more fruitful.

The radio targeting is the next big step of the band and the most tedious/intimidating. Being able to have all of the above done well allows a greater chance for a successful radio campaign. Overall much of what was discussed in class is stuff that was already being implemented by the band, which was a really good thing to see. It affirmed that we have the direction right and we are doing good things. What this class and project also did, was show how certain things were becoming stagnant or operating ineffectively. It isn’t what we are doing that isn’t working, it’s how we are implementing it. This gave me a lot of perspective and has given me the opportunity to be relieved that we are going the right direction, but we need to diversify and specialize the talents of our team to get it operating right.

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