The way I see it. You’re always in second place…

“The crowd was cheering. Trophy above my head. I had won”

This was two days ago… Now what?

Sitting on my bed thinking, now what? I hadn’t thought any further than the competition, than winning. I felt empty, why? I had done exactly what I set out to do, so why aren’t I happy?

They say the most exciting & motivating part of any relationship/dream is the chase. So what happens when we achieve what we set out to do and the chase is over?

We get bored? Sad? Move on?

This is exactly how I felt and I’d felt it before. So what’s the solution?

“You always gotta be on that 24/7 chase”

I had an epiphany. What if I constantly set two simultaneous goals, where one follows the other. Where you can’t reach the second goal without fulfilling the first. And each time you reach a goal you set another so you constantly have two in motion. You’re forever on that 24/7 chase.

Boom! I had it back, the excitement of a new challenge. Now I relate this to my first bodybuilding show but it can be applied to all areas of life. The only condition for making this work is the goal/relationship/dream/business needs to be measurable. You need to know when you have reached your objective so you can set another and keep the flow.

“So the way I see it. You’re always in second place”

You can’t be better than future you. So your always chasing, striving to be better, to make it to the next level. And people might say you’ll never catch future you so what’s the point. The point is as you chase your future self you’re always going forward. You are your own underdog story.

And everyone loves an underdog story.

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