United Rogue Call of Duty: Week Two Power Rankings

Three months and two weeks. 104 days have passed since the last United Rogue Power Rankings announcement, but your voices have been heard. The Power Rankings Committee is back with our first ever website and a new and improved format, ready to give our lovely community the excitement and drama they deserve!

Week one and the first half of week two has been anything but ordinary, full of the Jersey Jackals rise to dominance, shocking moves, and @URCODINTEL tweets. The Los Angeles Griffins roster shakeup is now underway, as general manager ClxnKz plans to turn his teams season around after their original draft plan did not work out. The Darkrai for Davey swap between LAG and the Buffalo Bolts will change both of their seasons dramatically.

We understand what you’re here for, and we won’t keep you from it any longer. Without further ado, here are the Week Two Power Rankings:

Ranking System: Four anonymous voters rank the teams one through nine, with first place votes being worth nine points and last place votes being worth one point. The more total points a team has, the higher they will be placed in our rankings. This same system is used for the player rankings, in which the voters rank the top ten players in the league.

There are several different writers in this article. Please keep this in mind as they may have differing opinions or different styles of writing.

9. Chicago Syndicate (5 Points)

Coming in at the number nine spot, we have the Chicago Syndicate. After an extremely interesting draft from CHI General Manager Thraxis, where they took BigDog third overall and passed on several diamonds to select Kol (ranked gold) in the second round, Chicago to this point has not panned out well. In week one, CHI played Baltimore and essentially got destroyed in all three maps, with some very poor performances from the team’s star diamond. I believe the only way to change CHI from the worst team in the league is to BLOW IT UP. With early roster mania already underway, CHI needs to jump in on the action and attempt to find some pieces that will work better with either BigDog or Kol.

8. Houston Flames (9 Points)

A rough start for Houston puts them at number eight. It’s hard to judge this team based off last week’s performance, where they only had their arguably best player, Ezra, for one map. Facing a team with the star power Utah has without their own star put Houston in a very tough spot. I believe if Ezra played, this series would have had a much closer outcome.

Their top three of Clipsy, Ezra and Cpt. Nick is very solid and this team, despite being ranked in the bottom two, is definitely a sleeper team. They have the talent to be a top three team, they just need to all be on and playing together to have a chance.

Looking at the schedule and who they face, Houston has a very tough two weeks ahead. They face quite arguably the best team in the game, Jersey, and the team some people have ranked at number two, Washington. There is a tough road ahead, but Houston has the potential to pull off an upset and turn some heads. This team has the talent, they just need to be prepared and play together.

7. Los Angeles Griffins (12 Points)

If you thought watching paint dry was the most boring thing you could do, think again! This week we witnessed and absolute breakdown of the team that was once known as the Griffins. LAG lost to Jersey 3–0, which would be the first stepping stone to the dismantle of almost the entire roster. The teams direction is now unknown with the dropping of four of the five of the players that were on last weeks roster. Only time will tell how ClxnKz eruption of the roster will pan out.

The team surely feels down and out to this point, but none the less never count out Davey. This is a truly unrankable team at this point in time because of only one returning player, but if I had to, I’d put them at 9. Prove me wrong LAG.

Pros to look forward to: Los Angeles has a fresh set of faces around, hopefully to help swing momentum in their favor. It almost literally cannot get worse than this past week.

Cons to look out for: Multiple free agent signings can not be great for team chemistry, therefore a-lot of playing is going to need to be done for them to shape back together as a team. The team’s mentality may already be shot as some are saying the season is already chalked.

As of right now, this is the team lowest on my radar, so it will be interesting to see if they succumb to the pressure of Washington and their loaded roster. Truly a team I hope proves me wrong, so let’s see if they can head into week two and make a name for themselves by beating WAR.

6. Buffalo Bolts (14 Points)

Darkrai and Kiki reunite. Do I need to say more? After a tough 3–1 loss for the developing roster against WAR, General Manager Johnny was quick on making a star studded trade. However, this move was actually in the making for awhile now.

King: “So why did you decide to trade Davey away?”

Johnny: “I have no ill will towards Davey. Him and I have been working league staff together for a year now and there is absolutely no bad blood between us. For the trade though, it comes down to the fact that Darkrai and I are both native to the city of Buffalo, and it is a dream of both of ours to represent our city in Esports. I told Darkrai on draft night that if he was prepared to leave LAG, then I would offer a trade, and Davey knew that as well.”

King: “What do you think Darkrai brings to the table? To what extent do you feel he will change your season.”

Johnny: “Darkrai and I have history. He was the main pillar on that championship winning team with Chicago in season four. Although a lot of people will talk about what KAT (Katiyal) and Denizen can do on the map, he never left my side when it came to playing through that season through every change we made. That drive and tenacity is what I’m looking for with the move, and having Darkrai and Kiki together on this team means we have an obvious goal now.”

“Start winning.”

With two of the hungriest players in the league both looking for their third championship to tie all-time great Sweatyy, the future is looking bright in Buffalo.

5. Utah Craze (21 Points)

Not much to watch in the Utah Craze versus Houston Flames match last week as it was an almost fully one sided affair. With Houston missing diamond player Ezra due to connectivity issues through the first two maps, the odds looked completely in Utah’s favor. Not to take away from Utah in any regard, the team looked outstanding. As a team that more or less flew under the radar through the preseason, they looked phenomenal.

In their one true test against Houston's full roster on Tuscan Control, they were able to come out with the 3–1 victory. This included a great keeping of composure after losing B site almost instantly on defense, they were still able to bring the defense together and hold down the easier lost site on A. This was a great win lead by Cambot42 and Shankz at the helm of it.

Pros to look forward to: Cambot42 looks like he is in peak form, team chemistry feels like it is at the top of the league, and a good start to the season at 1–0 heading into week two.

Cons to look out for: Utah has yet to truly face a real matchup. Their first test will be against third ranked Maui in week two (in my personal opinion, the top team in the league).

This is definitely a team to watch out for, and if all players can get the ball rolling, then this is going to be a very hard team to stop. Can they go into Maui and hand them a loss in their first match of the season? Can Cambot42 continue to play this well or will he be outshined by Shankz? Will they rise in the rankings and be considered a top team or will this be their peak as they drop down or plateau out? We’ll find out after this weekend’s matchup.

4. Washington Rebellion (26 Points)

Despite coming in just barely under Maui, the Washington Rebellion have been in contention for the top team so far this season. A strong 3–1 victory against Kiki and the Buffalo Bolts shows why they are regarded so highly. The Evo, Kat, Icee trio has looked stellar so far. However, you can’t sleep on their bronze substitute Lank! Our standout player of the week, he looked very comfortable filling into the lineup with good callouts and a standout Tuscan S&D map where he put up 7 kills while only dying twice.

With Los Angeles and Houston ahead, a 3–0 start to the season is plausible. However, the team still has its flaws. One anonymous source says, “I think they are a top five team, however I think with the lack of practice, any team can beat them. I do think they are the most dominate search team, however I also don’t think Kat is a top three player, let alone the best player on their team. If they want to win, Kat needs to switch to the AR because they don’t have an actual dominant AR” (Anon). It will definitely be interesting to see how this hot take pans out.

3. Maui Ancients (27 Points)

Maui being slotted third is interesting, as in my opinion the top 2–4 teams are interchangeable. They have some star talent in the trio of Bar, Ex, and Aggy, but I believe the X-Factor remains in their fourth. It’s no secret that they are attempting to get rid of their fourth starter (Omoide), and reports of Ex and Aggy having beef mid-scrims have been circulating. If the team can remain intact, they are an early powerhouse. However, that is a huge IF they can remain intact. I will be excited to see what they do in their season opener on stream against Utah.

2. Baltimore Kraken (30 Points)

Baltimore came out swinging week one against Chicago. After a quick 3–0, the league quickly learned that this team is no joke. Led by defending champion, now General Manager T3X, this roster has had an impressive start.

Two players ranked top five in Chelzee33 and T3X, and quite arguably a top two gold in Spade, has led this team to a 1–0 start. However, we are going to need to see more out of their silver Hades. He had an average map one in hardpoint, and a 1.00 K/D in the SND, but struggled a bit in the control. We will need to see more out of him if Baltimore wants to reach their true potential.

With a bye in week two, this team will look to keep their dominant streak in week three against Utah. It will be a tough match for the squad, but with Baltimore being quite arguably the best team in the league, we can say that they can pull this one out. Utah is not a team to joke about, but if Baltimore can have everyone firing on all cylinders, this team is definitely scary.

1. Jersey Jackals (36 Points)

In the number one slot this week, we have Jersey. Man oh man, have they looked untouchable. They easily secured a 3–0 victory over LAG in Week One, that victory coupled with their domination in scrims, its safe to say they are this seasons “FaZe of UR” and they show no signs of slowing.

Led by GM Base, he drafted the two UR rookies from the Stockton CCL Team that many would consider the two best in the league. Despite some negative interactions with some teams over posting scrim results, I might argue that their dominance this early in the season allows for such “arrogance” to be displayed and adds an extra reason for some of the other top teams to push to reach that super saiyan final form. Heading into a week 2 matchup vs. Houston, I fully anticipate them to be one of the few undefeated teams left at the end of Week 2.

Player Rankings: Top Ten

  1. Zeloxcitys (JER, 40 points)
  2. Jkatiyal (WAR, 32 points)
  3. Chelzee33 (BAL, 30 points)
  4. Revive (JER, 27 points)
  5. T3x (BAL, 24 points)
  6. Kiki (BUF, 24 points)
  7. Darkrai (BUF, 12 points)
  8. BigDog (CHI, 7 points)
  9. Vynoh (JER, 7 points)
  10. Icee (WAR, 6 points)

Just missed: Shankz (UTA, 6), Cole (UTA, 3), Cambot42 (UTA, 2)


Zeloxcitys and Revive both came in and put the league on notice after their first match. However, they were playing against ClxnKz with a broken hand and LAG’s bronze (substitute) player Diabl0. Will their success continue against better teams?

BigDog struggled in week one; however, his inclusion on the list shows how highly he is regarded. Expect a bounce back next week, and for him to shoot up this list.

A noticeable missing player, our number one overall pick Ex does not come in on the top ten of player rankings. Ex and Maui will have their first chance to prove themselves as their bye week concludes, this week against Utah on stream Sunday night.

The Standout Player of the Week: Lank

Lank gets a two-piece versus Buffalo on Tuscan SND

Lank was filling in as the bronze for WAR, and they ended up taking the series 3–1. He had a great performance in the SND (7–2), as did his entire team with a dominant showing. Lank held his own against the opposing diamonds, gold, and silver. He put up respectable numbers throughout the series. According to the man himself, “My teammates told me where to go and I credit them” (Lank).

Huge shoutout to the writers, voters, and interviewees for making this first article an amazing one!




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