However, he conveniently leaves out votes against the Brady Bill, which mandated a waiting period when purchasing a firearm, and in favor of the now-infamous Clinton Crime Bill of 1994, among others.
Bernie Sanders Has Always Sacrificed Pragmatism For Idealism, But Now It’s Hurting Democrats
Bob Cunningham

You are not presenting logical arguments. You finally mention a point that won Sander massive support among the traditional DNC base: voting against invading Iraq. Then you immediately pretend it didn’t exist like your readers have dementia. The logical counter to one of the lone votes against that $3 Trillion dollar clusterfuck would be to argue that invading Iraq and other nations is always a good thing, or perhaps Bernie didn’t know what he was doing because he is a clueless foreign policy hack who would get us into more pointless wars, or Bernies vote was just an act because he’s a sellout who would become a warmonger for personal gain.