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No matter what you are doing in life, always asking for help is the best answer. If you are playing sports, working, in school, or even going through mental illness. Being able to talk to someone about what you are going through, is a huge factor.

Having to bottle up what you are dealing with is terrible for us, as it causes us more stress & over-thinking, we often neglect how we are feeling because we’re too busy doing everything yourself. Make time for self-care, five minutes before bed, going for a run, whatever it takes. It will help clear your mind and allow the freedom to decompress.

But I understand not always wanting to talk, as you can feel like you are bothering the people you want to talk too. But the biggest thing I strive for is to younger people who are dealing with bullies, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go talk to your guidance councillors, principle, or teachers. Don’t let the students that are treating you the way they are continue treating this way. The old saying “Snitches get stitches” is the worst thing I have ever heard.

Why would we ever put in the minds of us that telling someone is bulling us is a bad idea? Its just awful. Instead of people listening to this saying, which is all it is a SAYING, I am encouraging you, if you are being bulling, & being depressed. Please seek the help you need and ASK FOR HELP.

BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism student

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