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Breaking the curse of the Bambino

The Boston Red Sox, the most recent World Series Champions, it wasn’t always this way, winning titles in 2013, 2007, 2004… Before the win in 2004, Red Sox went 86 years without a world series, its cliché to say the reason they never won was because Babe Ruth possibly the most famous baseball player ever, put a curse on this team letting the Red Sox know if you sell me to the Yankees, you will never win another World Series again, because before selling Ruth, the red Sox won 5 of the first 15 world series more than any other team.

After the selling of Ruth to the Yankees, 84 years after the selling the Yankees won 26 of the 39-world series they played in as for Boston only played in 4 and lost all 4 in 7 games. Just complete misery for the franchise, players and fans. The hardest loss in my opinion during the 86-year world series drought. Came in 1986 against the New York Mets, up 3–2 in the best of 7 series, in the 10th inning to win the game a ground ball is hit to first base where Bill Buckner was playing and being a broadcast fan it’s one of the most famous calls in sports as Vin Scully called the error “Little roller up along first. Behind the bag. It gets through Buckner! Here comes Ray Knight, and the Mets win it.” That error cost them game 6 and then the Sox went on to lose game 7, which continued the curse.

It all came to end in 2004, the most magical post season in baseball history, in the ALCS trailing 3–0 to long-time rival New York Yankees, Red Sox had the most remarkable comeback in baseball history being the only team to come back from 3–0 and win the series.

After that comeback victory against Yankees, nothing would stop Boston Red Sox from winning what has eluded them for 86 years a world series title, facing the winner from the NLCS St. Louis Cardinals, Boston won in a sweep 4 straight games. Red Sox were back on top of the baseball world.

Since breaking the curse in 2004 the Red Sox have won 3 more world series (2007, 2013, 2018). This is what made me a Boston Red Sox fan, the rich history of this team and years of defeat overselling the greatest baseball player ever in Babe Ruth.

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